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Hypnosis CertificationTraining

Hypnosis CertificationTraining

Are you seeking to learn hypnosis to help empower yourself or your family? Looking to expand your holistic practice with hypnosis techniques? Now is the time! Lois Hermann is offering her 100-hour Hypnosis Certification Training only once this year.

Lois Hermann
Friday, March 8, 2019
9:00am - 5:00pm
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Many have improved their lives and businesses with Lois’s training, including holistic practitioners, massage therapists, mental health professionals, and people who want to remove self-limiting beliefs to gain wellness.

Here is what to expect in this comprehensive course:

-Suggestibility testing
-Hypnotic Inductions
-Classification of Clients
-Favorable and Unfavorable Influences
-Concerns of Hypnosis
-How to Hypnotize
-Depth Stages of Hypnosis
-Methods of Awakening
-Self-hypnosis Training
-Basic Hypnosis Scripts
-Advanced Induction Techniques
-Structuring Your Hypnosis Practice

All of the skills and tools to get you started! This is a 100 hour Certification program with 75 classroom hours over a course of 5 Fridays and Saturdays - 10 days total!

Tuition: $2,220.00
Please register at before March 1st. Space is limited.