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Allergy Release Technique



Allergy Release Technique

Allergy Release Technique, or A.R.T., is a holistic treatment for overcoming food and environmental allergies. What sets it apart from other approaches is that it resets the immune system, enabling people to eat freely and live fully.
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I havesuffered seasonal allergies, pet allergies, and joint pain for the past fewyears. I began the ART program with Lynda Pearson a few months ago and haveseen great results thus far with reduced pain and less allergies affecting me.I am looking forward to continuing Allergy Release Technique and seeing moreamazing results.

JD, 2/21

I have always had serious allergies, asthma, and pet allergies. I went to an allergist a few years ago and had been receiving weekly and then monthly allergy shots.  My allergies include dust, grasses, food, trees, pollen, along with many others. Since starting Allergy Release Technique I have stopped going for my monthly allergy shots and have seen vast improvements with all my allergies. Previously, my allergies would act up to the point of me being almost bed ridden; even with the allergy shot. I have not experienced these symptoms since doing ART throughout the fall and winter. I have even been able to get my first dog, and have not had reactions to his saliva or dander, which I give credit to ART. I look forward to continuing my ART journey as I experience progress with my allergies and health.

A.B., 1/21

I want to thank Lynda Pearson for the incredible benefits I have received since doing the Allergy Release Technique with her.  I am finally able to tolerate dust whereas before I was horribly debilitated from it.  Just this weekend I took part in a construction project that was extremely dusty.  I was able to tolerate it well and felt fine the next day!  In addition, I notice that my immune system has been stronger than before and I am extremely grateful for that, now more than ever.  Lastly ,Lynda’s intuition and energy work are profound.  After five minutes of her hands on me, I felt energy moving and clearing and later felt a sense of peace and yes, joy, that I hadn’t felt in quite some time.  Thank you, Lynda!

K.C., 11/20

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