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Clinical Aromatherapy



Clinical Aromatherapy

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Always a relaxing and healing experience with Jacqueline Robidoux's combined mix of Reiki and Aromotherapy. Her caring and dedicated professionalism will open your heart and mind to the possibilities of natural healing.

Nancy, Hudson, NH

I have had the pleasure of having Aromatherapy and Reiki done by Jackie Robidoux of NH health and Wellness center. I have a severe anxiety and depressive disorder due to several emotional events that have happened in my life. I have been on several antidepressants, anti anxiety and mood stabilizer medications for most of my life. Yes of course they do work but now I feel like they work even better with each Aromatherapy/Reiki session. The moment you see Jackie you immediately feel at ease. Her positive energy and zest for life is what made me feel comfortable with her right away. When Jackie's hands touched my face and with the calming smell of Lavender I felt a surge of warm healing energy and felt immediately at peace. After the session, my feet were tingling and warm, my face was flushed and I immediately cried. While I was crying I felt a sense of relief. I also felt a sense of a weight that was lifted off of me. The weight felt like I could not breathe. A weight that was so heavy that I thought would never go away. The sessions also made me feel uplifted and I had a significant decrease in my anxiety and a positive increase in my mood. I gained confidence and came out of each session a better person. Jackie did spend time with me after the sessions talking about the energy that was there and was truly interested in what I was feeling at that moment. She held my hand and assured me that I was safe and that reiki would continue to help me. After each session the surprising thing was I continued to feel better for several days after. Jackie Robidoux is most able and qualified to provide directed energy to where your body needs it. I think Jackie is a remarkable healer who truly has a gift for what she does. Her knowledge of Aromatherapy and Reiki and her gentle touch are well worth experiencing. I feel grateful that I tried these therapies with her and I would highly recommend her to everyone.

Dianne, Hudson, NH

I was a client of Jackie’s when she visited me at home for a leg ulcer from my diabetes. She was caring and took her time with me during a painful dressing change that had to be done daily. She suggested using Lavender before my dressing change to help me relax. I smelled the Lavender for a minute or so. It really helped me relax and the dressing change was less painful.

Joan, Manchester, NH

I was referred to Jackie by a friend. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I have to say I was as relaxed as I've ever been after one hour of her unique treatment. She used a combination of aromatherapy, light touch and guided imagery to promote a relaxation that is beyond anything I have experienced in the past. The best part is the relaxed feeling stayed with me for days and helped me get some well-needed sleep. I referred some of my friends and they reported a similar experience. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Mark, Merrimack, NH

Being a nursing student about to sit for my state boards had me in quite an anxious state. I had to find a way to focus and survive the last step of becoming a nurse. The closer I got to my exam that, the more anxious I became. The day before my boards I took a day for myself and got an aromatherapy treatment. During this experience I could feel the anxiety leave my body and focus on what I needed to. My session included aromatherapy with lavender. It was such a relaxing experience. Then next day I honestly could not believe the effect that experience had on me. The anxiety had left my body and allowed me to focus. This is something I will continue to do for myself and would highly recommend. Thank you Jackie!

Adrianne, Merrimack, NH

I just had surgery for colon cancer. While in the hospital Jackie came to visit me. I was feeling nauseated and had some stomach pain from the surgery. She had me inhale some peppermint and performed Reiki on my belly. After 20 minutes or so, my nausea and pain subsided. I felt much better. Thank you Jackie!

Margaret, Johnston, RI

As a trusted client of Jackie's for several years, I was more than willing when she suggested adding aromatherapy to our sessions. I had no idea aromatherapy could have such calming and healing effects on my body. It completely relaxes me and calms my mind. Tension and muscle pain melt away. I especially like the lavender and clary sage oil that I now use regularly before bed. I haven't slept this well in years. I also use it on my teen age daughter to help ease her headaches caused by TMJ. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing Jackie. I will be a client for life!

Kristen, Hudson, NH

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