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Clinical Hypnosis

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I wanted to improve my overall sense of confidence, relieve anxiety, and improve my quality of life. My anxiety has been significantly reduced, I definitely have more confidence, and I sleep better at night. I find that the process is very powerful and very empowering. I have learned a lot of self-healing tools that I can use when I need to access that healing power. I would absolutely recommend Lois to others and I can’t wait to buy another package.

Lisa C. – Massage Therapist

Initially I came to get unstuck. I had been wanting to work on a project and there were things that were blocking me. I also knew that I needed to work on self-esteem issues. I have accomplished a lot of things with Lois’s coaching. Actually my stress and anxiety levels are a lot lower than what they were before. I have more self-esteem and feel more confident in going after the goals that I have been wanting to go after. It’s almost like taking time out and being restful. I feel more confident in going after the goals that I have been wanting to go after. I am getting unstuck and most definitely moving in a good direction. I would most definitely recommend Lois Hermann to others. Often we don't realize we have things that are stopping us in our subconscious mind that we can't figure out. You have to go deeper and bring it out. I have done a lot of work on myself in the past and this has been wonderful.

Madeline K. – Entrepreneur

First I was very skeptical, I felt broken, and there was only so much I could handle at that point in time. With Lois’s hypnosis coaching my goals were accomplished and beyond. My self-confidence... the emotional swings I went through are now more like up and down rolling hills rather than jagged mountains. I just feel good. There is no other way to explain it. I believe in myself and feel like people believe in me. I just feel good now. Some of the sessions were very intense, mind-blowing to say the least. I learned so much about myself in those sessions than I ever thought possible, about what I can accomplish, and what I can eliminate out of my life. I can honestly say that after six weeks I am a completely different person than I was week one. I tell Lois that she revolutionized me. I am completely different in the way I handle my family, my marriage, my business, and how I handle stress, anxiety. I feel like right now I am in harmony with life and everything around me. It has woken me up spiritually to higher degrees than I even started with. I smile a lot more too. Without a doubt, I recommend Success Coach, Lois Hermann for anyone who has any challenges going on in their life - spiritually, marriage, business, stress, anxiety, self-confidence. The word I use is revolutional, it was truly transformational.

Jason C., Accountant

I was feeling pretty bad about myself and worried a lot about what everyone thought. Hypnosis helped me change the thoughts that were holding me back. It helped me feel better about myself. It even helped with my studies and my confidence giving reports in class. It was fun, really interesting, and I feel so much happier.

Carrie H. – High School Student

Initially I was looking for help with a life-long fear of enclosed spaces. I could not get on an elevator and often had to climb 10 or more flights of stairs, carrying heavy equipment. I would not go on trips if it involved flying because the thought of being inside the plane terrified me. In the sessions I accomplished a lot more than simply help with the claustrophobia. I’ve had tremendous emotional and spiritual growth with my sessions and am left with a greater sense of confidence, well-being and peace with myself. I was skeptical until my first session, then I realized first hand that this was something different than any of the therapies I had done before. It’s hard to explain the process to someone who has never been to a hypnotist before, but this process is the only form of therapy that I would choose for myself right now. I am now comfortable in elevators, planes and other tight spaces. I would VERY MUCH SO recommend Lois Hermann to others, to my friends, and to my family. I know that this process will help those that need it.

Monica J. – Musician & Teacher

I was looking to gain control over my food anxieties and binge eating. With hypnosis coaching I let go of the anxieties I had with food, and have taken control over my long standing habits. Lois is a very warm, supportive, and non-judgmental coach. I highly recommend this as a great place for anyone that needs to find calm in their crazy lives.

Catherine B. – Registered Nurse

I needed to address certain areas of my life currently, and in the past and I didn't know how to do that. I didn't feel the traditional route was going to get me there. So when you talked about addressing things in past and moving past them, that stuck with me and I made appointment. In the sessions, I was able to address things, bring them up, talk about them, see them for what they were, and move beyond them. My relationship with my spouse has strengthened. I came out of my shell, and have been able to have more fun. I loved the sessions. This was my time, where I could spend only on me. I could relax during the day and I looked forward to it. The process was challenging, I addressed some things that maybe I didn't want to, but knew I needed to. Hypnosis was a way to address things that I could not address myself. Lois was there as a helpful guide, and that is what did it for me.

Louis C. – Financial Advisor

I was dealing with having a surgical procedure, challenges with my relationship and facing a major career decision. My surgery went well, my relationship is healing and it was really helpful to understand why I had hit a brick wall with my career. I had been avoiding moving forward and I better understand after our session what was getting in the way. The sessions were very helpful, even by phone.

Mary B. – Independent Sales / Wardrobe Consultant

Mike: I needed to lose weight. With the sessions I lost weight and I am surprised at how effortless it was. I learned to eat less and eat better. In just 6 weeks I lost 15 pounds and keep on going down. The sessions are quick and easy. Lois does all the work and I get a nice nap in!

Mike B. – Travel Agent

Your Release The Pain CD saved me two oxycodone pills yesterday. I’m getting tired of taking those pills after my recent knee replacement surgery. Yesterday afternoon the knee was really aching. I would normally pop a pill, instead, flattened out in bed, put on headphones and played the CD. Eyes closed, etc. just like you say on the disk. Pain was gone within 10 minutes... really, not "noticeable" any longer. Mostly asleep by the time you got to the 1 - 5 count out, so I just let the music play and didn't wake up for an hour or so. Still tired, so listened to whole thing again right away, and went to sleep again. Worked so well in the afternoon that I played it again when time for bed and avoided another pain pill. Worked just as good. Many thanks.

Dick D. – Retired Engineering Manager

I came to hypnosis because I had become aware that I was not alone in my body. There were other souls with me, and I wanted to reclaim my body, my life, and help the other spirits move on. With the sessions, I have been able to reclaim my body, and even learned how to help the other soul’s to transition. It was a safe environment to let whatever needed to come up, come up. I feel like I learned a lot about myself, and how to protect my own space. Thank you Lois.

Carol B. – Student

I would like to express how wonderful it was to work with Lois Hermann. I was impressed with her passion for her work, her ability to explain the fundamentals of the process with clarity and simplicity, and her ability to tease out the issues with care and consideration. I have known many that have used hypnosis, but this was my first time trying this method. I was pleasantly surprised at how different it was than the stereotypical images I had from television, movies, and comedy clubs. Lois did an amazing job during the sessions and never once did I feel unsafe or out of my own control. After sessions with Lois, I have seen a great deal of improvement within my own life. I was dealing with an issue of fear that I have been addressing with many different types of combined therapeutic approaches, but this seemed to provide relief in a way I did not think was possible. I would highly recommend Lois Hermann and her practices to those considering hypnosis, as well as referring her to my own clients.

Kimberly C. – Therapist

I was emotionally exhausted dealing with the betrayal of my husband in our 26 year marriage, and struggling with a diagnosis of breast cancer. The hypnosis experience truly made a difference in my life. I was able to work through the deep emotional, and physical pain of divorce. I released issues I was not even aware of that were stored in my unconscious at the cellular level, causing me pain and illness. I was able to heal myself, and develop a happy, healthy relationship with myself, so that I could embrace physical health and true love.

Nancy L. – Director Accounts Receivable

I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks, and had a lot of stress issues in my life that I just couldn’t see how to deal with. I wasn’t taking care of myself and everything was suffering. I decided to try hypnosis to learn to deal with issues in my life in a more healthy way, to take control and be able to make decisions. I am much more relaxed when problems come up. I know I have the confidence to deal with them, to go to a very relaxed state, and to not have them affect me the way they used to. I now have the confidence to deal with stressful situations and not let them overcome me.

Karen M. – Medical Administration

I had problems sleeping, it was like border-line insomnia. I was also having a hard time getting over a break-up with a girlfriend. The sessions definitely helped with sleep. After doing this it felt like a weight was gone. It was almost instantaneous, and you didn't even take anything. It was all completely you. It was an experience you have to completely experience for yourself. The sessions were great, pleasant and calm, very open. No one is going to judge you here. Lois is vested in helping us, and making her clients feel better. This is a very friendly environment, and honestly, I never left here in a bad mood. It was great! Of course, who doesn't want to have another way to solve the problems they have. I think this is the only way, because this does what all the other things can't. You have to confront yourself, and face your own demons. Then move past them. That is how you get over everything in life. You have to confront it, face yourself. Medicine doesn't do that, medicine is just a Band-Aid. That is the big thing that this has over medicine. This is a solution, not a Band-Aid.

Kyle S. - Student & Musician

I was seeking hypnosis so I could get to a comfortable place to stop smoking. Well, I stopped smoking... which is amazing. I also achieved greater serenity and less anxiety in my life, and a more positive outlook towards stress in general. I really enjoyed the sessions and thought the process was very thorough. I liked that there were several sessions and there were CDs to listen to help me remain focused on my goals on a daily basis. I even came back to have Lois help me get over my life-long fear of heights. This summer I found myself looking over Niagara Falls!

Lynn C. – 401K Plan Administrator

I needed to stop biting my fingernails which I had done all my life. It was making my hands look ragged and unprofessional. I actually chipped my tooth biting my fingernails and had to have it fixed several times. With the sessions, I stopped biting my fingernails. It has been two months now. Also, I feel like I have learned some good stress management tools. The sessions were very productive. They helped me focus my energy, and reminded me of what I have committed to myself that I wanted to accomplish.

Michael P. – Sales Manager

I was having difficulty with my confidence at bat in softball. With Lois’s coaching, I was able to find the self-assurance I needed to succeed. The confidence even crept into my everyday life experiences.

Samantha A. - High School Student

I came for hypnosis because I felt like a prisoner in my own home, and in my life because I was afraid to drive after a horrific accident that my family and I had during the winter. However, it ended up lasting into all four seasons for me where I felt like I couldn’t do anything. I felt like a prisoner. In my sessions with Lois I was able to accomplish feeling safe in my car, confident, motivated, and determined that I wanted to fix myself. She gave me my confidence back by instilling the positive suggestions in me that I wanted to live, and that I was ok. I was able to get my life back. My children were even starting to be afraid of riding in the car, and now even they are no longer afraid. I think that this is great for people who want to better themselves. You need to practice what is discussed. Every session I got better. I learned more about myself, and I was able graduate to different accomplishments. I would set little goals for myself, like driving for certain distances, driving on the highway, or driving at night that I would have never done before. I would definitely recommend these sessions to others. My only take would be that you be able to take the suggestions and take action on them. You have to be willing to want to better yourself.

Allison D. – Financial Assistant

I was looking for help with weight loss, and to stop drinking wine and alcohol in general. After only 4 ½ weeks I am losing weight already, and have pretty much stopped drinking. It is not an issue like I thought it would be. It is a wonderful feeling to not even think of having a glass of wine at night. I feel like the sessions are my oasis away. This is my time to recharge and make my life better for myself, and my family. My family is happier and healthier because of me. I am actually trying to get a couple of friends to come and see you Lois. I think you work wonders, and I am a testament to it.

Chris N. – Hair Stylist

I was struggling with food allergy anxiety and general anxiety. Through my sessions with Lois, I was able to lessen my food anxiety and bring down most of my other anxiety so that I can be a functioning person in the world. I was able to get a job, and can now be in public spaces with people. The sessions were very good. Lois really helped me weed through things that I didn’t think were an issue any more that actually were. She helped me negate the bad feelings I was having about certain things. I would recommend Lois Hermann to anyone who doesn’t want to go the path of medication, and needs help but can’t figure out what to do.

Nick G. – Contractor

I needed help to quit smoking. I’ve been smoking for 40 years and tried many times to quit cold turkey. It never worked. Now I’m looking forward to not smoking. The sessions were great, very calming and enlightening. It did a lot to help boost my ego as far as trying to help me get along the path that I really wanted to follow. I would definitely recommend Lois Hermann to anyone who wants to quit smoking.

Mark P. – Financial Advisor

I had an extreme fear of traveling in both cars and airplanes. I couldn’t relax... the stress was overwhelming. Lois gave me techniques to focus on the positive things, techniques that have been very useful. I have even been able to do some traveling recently by myself, and didn't even realize it. I came back to see you obviously because you helped me before, as well as my family members. Being open to he process helps to accept the change, and makes the change easier.

Richard R. – Engineering Manager

I was totally overwhelmed by life, had left work, and wanted to give up. Everything was insurmountable. I looked to hypnosis to help me find my path and figure out how to get through life. The sessions helped to change me. I gained self-confidence, and am not so overwhelmed by every little thing. I feel like a new person. The sessions helped me take the next steps in life, to get un-bogged down from 45 years of stressful living. I like the sessions better than traditional therapy. It seems easier to transition. You do have to do your own work. It opened me up to new thoughts about myself and changed the way I look at things. I sleep better, I am happier and feel so much better about myself. The experience has all been very positive. Thank you Lois.

Dorothy C. – Real Estate / Title Agent

I had struggled with so many diets to lose weight and felt like a failure. The hypnosis sessions have been amazing. It is not a diet anymore, it is a lifestyle change. In addition to weight loss, hypnosis helped me with a lot of other things too, including some anxiety issues, feeling better about myself, and being able to speak better in public.

Brenda H. – Independent Sales Director

I came to see Lois because I had so much pain in my life and feelings of low self- esteem. Lois is an inspiration, a friend, a spiritual advisor. Lois is trustworthy and very special. Lois has helped me reawaken ‘me to my spiritual self, and rework some hurtful past experiences into positive, rewarding lessons in life. My past is now a pleasant friend that does not haunt me any longer, and I am able to heal old wounds and relationships. I highly recommend Lois as a Hypnotist and Spiritual Advisor, she is that great!

Barbara A., Computer Sales

I was desperate! I had tried every kind of diet and they never worked. I failed miserably and was even more depressed about the failures. With hypnosis I got a readjustment, I got tweaked up. My whole attitude about myself and the people around me has been adjusted in a good way. I am losing weight on a steady basis and feel really good about myself now.

Helen W. – Registered Medical Professional

I looked into hypnosis for two reasons: I have a IC – a painful condition that is dietary related, and I am also slightly overweight. I thought if I could get on a healthier path that would keep me away from the things that were aggravating my IC, like junk food, chocolate, MSG, imitation ingredients, Sweet & Low, all that stuff, I would be pain free, and it would help with my weight. My pain was very chronic, and there was nothing I could do about it. It was all dietary related. With hypnosis I accomplished all of my goals. I am now eating everything nontoxic. If I don’t know what is in the food, my mind is telling me NO. I have complete control over what I eat, and don’t even go near it if it is bad for me. I am exercising more, have more energy, sleeping better. Overall, I am a better person. I am down to size 8... Hallelujah! And I am pain free! That is huge after 40 years of extreme pain – this is the best I have ever felt. At first I didn’t know what to expect, I didn’t know if I could be hypnotized, and didn’t know if I was a believer. I had to try something. From first session I was surprised that I was already doing things I would not normally do. I was thinking about things before I did it. I took that pause. Now I ask a lot of questions, about what is in this. I don’t have a problem doing that. I am now going out with friends to eat, and I never did that before. I am now more confident and more sociable. Everybody should do this.

Terry B. – Office Manager

I needed to lose 30 pounds or so and kept running up against obstacles and blockages that I couldn’t overcome. With hypnosis, I gained a sense of why I kept the weight on, and learned a lot about honoring myself more. Part of that honoring myself was to really get moving and motivated to lose the weight. Through Lois’s help, she made me really concentrate on my reasons and get moving on it. I always felt energized when I left the sessions. When coming to the sessions I would hesitate because it was an hour long drive. But when I would leave, it was always to worth it. I always feel like I am in a different place from when I head out in this direction. I would definitely recommend Lois Hermann to others. Absolutely!

Vicky M. – College Professor

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