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Holistic Wellness Coaching



Holistic Wellness Coaching

Jill’s holistic medical training combined with over a decade serving people as an RN leads to a powerful process of guided self-inquiry. Wellness coaching is partnering with clients in a creative and thought-provoking process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. Jill utilizes an evidence-informed model that blends holistic nursing, coaching, education and client empowerment to guide clients toward enhanced health and happiness.
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Thanks to Jill’s coaching techniques, I was able to make a real change in thinking about food, stress, and relaxation.  She is caring, non judgmental, and supportive.

Monica S., 5/2022

I had the pleasure to work with Jill in coaching me with life issues that I knew I needed for guidance and support to make my life happier, calmer and content. My biggest stress in my life was unfortunately with my son. We have been dealing with behavioral issues since he was 3 years old and this whole time I have been trying to change him and his behaviors. Jill made me realize with her expertise in coaching that it actually was my behaviors that needed to help the change too! I began to change my attitude andhow I approach and talk to my son, praise and discipline him without causing his behaviors to be worse. Having her educate me without judgement opened my eyes to understanding my son and become a better mother and person as a whole. I can’t thank herenough and recommend her services to anyone who is looking for coaching and life changes!

Megan S., 6/2022

Jill has an innate ability to connect with people, listen to them, and understand them. She has a calming presence that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed during a coaching session. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. She doesn’t push advice on you,but rather makes suggestions that she thinks may help you, but makes sure you are comfortable with her suggestions. I highly recommend Jill as a coach!

Julia W., 4/2022

One of the best aspects working with Nurse Jefferson was that she didn't involve her own personal feelings or beliefs. She guided me through my own introspection offering material/informational support as desired. She consistently offered positive input and always kept at the forefront that this was my personal journey. She kept appointments and was on time which helped me to stay on track. Very professional and I would recommend her highly!

Vivian V., 4/2022

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