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Lyme Magnetic Protocol



Lyme Magnetic Protocol

The Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy is a unique and powerful treatment modality that targets the symptoms of Lyme disease and tick borne infection. A biological frequency is created by the placement of positive and negative magnetic pairs on the body.
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Before I started the Lyme Magnetic Protocol with Karen Cerato at the NH Health & Wellness Center, I felt horrible! I thought I would never feel better again. I had severe leg pain, exhaustion, brain fog, tingling in my hands and feet, joint pain, breathing and digestion issues, and many other symptoms.

I literally felt like I was dying.. I know this sounds dramatic but I went from running 10 miles a day and workout out consistently to losing feeling in my legs. I was really scared. How could someone so healthy become so sick so quickly? It wasn't until twelve months later and thousands of dollars on blood tests, multiple doctor visits, MRI's and scans to find out I have Lyme disease. I tried taking doxycycline and herbal antibiotics but the side effects were too unbearable for me to stand. I wasn't sure where to turn at that point until someone suggested Biomagnetic Therapy for Lyme. I was pretty skeptical and nervous going in, but after sitting with Karen, she made me feel very comfortable and assured me the side effects would be minimal. She really listened to my concerns. She was right! Although, after some sessions I did feel my body processing the infection die-off, the discomfort wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I quickly felt Karen was someone I could trust with my feelings and my health. Her cheerful smile and delightful personality always made it easy to keep coming back to see her.

Karen and I had to work through a lot of Lyme and co-infections as well as detox and mold issues.. it's taken a while but I'm happy to say that I feel much better!!! I have started walking a lot, biking and even some running. Exercise is my passion and I'm so excited to get back to that part of my life. I can't wait to ski with my son this winter!

Michelle L., October 2023

I want to deeply thank Karen Cerato of the NH Health & Wellness Center for helping me climb out of the destructive and despairing hole of Lyme disease with the Lyme Magnetic Protocol.  When I first started seeing Karen, I was wrought with fatigue, headaches, joint pain, cognitive deficits and insomnia.  With her calm and steady nature as well as her extensive knowledge of the human body, she guided me through the protocol and back to health.  I found her to be an excellent listener, an intuitive practitioner and an amazing adjunct to my wellness in so many ways!   I have the motivation and physical health to get back to work and have fun!  I can honestly say that I have my life back.   Thank you, Karen!

Therese G., Pepperell, MA, June 2018

How do you write a review describing how someone literally changed your child’s life. That may sound a little over the top, but it’s not. 

In February of 2018 my daughter (age 12 at the time) was diagnosed with Lyme. We never saw a tick or a bullseye, so we had no idea how long she’d had it at this point. The Lyme took over her life.  Her joints were constantly in pain, headaches and excessive fatigue. Constantly missing school due to her pain. We saw doctor after doctor and spent thousands of dollars with little to no results. By the time she was 13 years old she was on 22 pills a day, still with minimal results.

I didn’t know what to do. I would cry watching my athletic, fun loving child change into a sad, quiet person. I was angry, why can’t anyone help her!!!! 

Then 2 different people suggested Magnetic Therapy. I looked into it and found Juliann McCaffrey at NH Health & Wellness Center. To be honest, it all seemed a little quirky, but I was willing to try anything to help my little girl. 

We had our first appointment and Juliann walked us through exactly what would happen during the session. I felt at peace listening to her. My daughter seemed relaxed. I stayed for a few minutes but then felt like I didn’t need to be there.

The session ended and Juliann sat with us to explain what she found and the game plan. 

When we got to our car I asked my daughter what she thought. She began crying......”I’m so happy. For the first time I feel like something is going to work”. Obviously I began crying. 

My daughter had approximately 6 sessions and felt fantastic. She looked forward to her time with Juliann. 

Before our first appointment my daughter was on crutches through most of her field hockey season due to joint issues. You need to understand that field hockey is her life. She is 14 and researches colleges every year to see which is the top team. She plays year round to constantly improve her skills to either play D1 or on the US Olympic team (or both). So for her to miss an entire season and start to see that dream disappear due to Lyme was overwhelming for her. 

After her sessions with Juliann she went back to field hockey, some days playing 5/6 hours with just slight muscle aches (who wouldn’t have aches after 6 hours). 

So when I say Juliann changed her life, I wasn’t exaggerating. Kendall is back to being our happy, funny loving, fierce daughter she was before Lyme controlled her life. 

I urge anyone to please give this therapy a try. You will not regret it!

Toby O., 2020

I have worked with Karen Cerato and Janelle Salzman at the NH Health & Wellness Center in Nashua NH for the past year using the Lyme Magnetic Protocol.

I had suffered from symptoms of chronic Lyme disease for 35 years to the point of being disabled for the past 18 years.  I was finally diagnosed properly with Lyme disease 10 years ago. At that point, I tried all sorts of treatment including antibiotics, herbs, Flower Essences, nutrition and supplements with visits to different Naturopaths. I can honestly say in my condition, the herx effects from antibiotics and the herbs were not an option for me, as I needed to continue to take care of myself and work part-time in order to survive.  I did not have the strength or energy with the severe herx reactions to do what I needed to do to live. 

In addition to Lyme disease, I had multiple co-infections as well as other persistent viruses that my body could not effectively fight on its own. This is where I am so grateful to have been lead to Karen and Janelle and the Lyme Magnetic Protocol.  This treatment program is incredibly powerful and effective with very little herx reaction. You can feel it doing its job immediately as the magnets are placed on various points of the body.

Karen and Janelle are very professional and personable and a true pleasure to work with.  

The center is a lovely and has a relaxed atmosphere.  I can finally say after 10 years of trial in working to beat chronic Lyme Disease, I am finally Lyme-free thanks to the Lyme Magnetic Protocol and the NH Health & Wellness Center.

Cindy M., Massachusetts, July 2018

I would highly recommend Lyme magnetic therapy with Juliann McCaffrey.  The whole process was incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.  Juliann immediately makes you feel comfortable and at ease.  I had a tick bite that caused a small red rash that would not go away.  I was fortunate not to develop lyme disease but did have a rash for over 4 months and some co-infections from the bite.  After 3  magnetic treatments, the rash was completely gone. In addition, my overall immune system was up, my sleep improved, it reduced any inflammation and stress, improved my kidneys, liver, and gallbladder.  I was very pleased with this treatment and would recommend anyone to try it. 

Jana L., 2020

I didn’t know what to expect when I first started the Lyme Magnetic Protocol, but since my treatments I feel less tired and my anxiety feels more tempered.  I feel my overall mood is better and I have more energy.  The energy piece just feels very different from the results I get from cognitive therapy.

Ethan K., Nashua, NH, August 2018

I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease in 2017. After moving through 2 treatment plans, I found NH Health and Wellness Center. Dr. Laura Chan recommended I begin the Lyme Magnetic Protocol with Juliann McCaffrey. I grew up believing in conventional medicine only; however, with my various health issues including Lyme Disease and mold toxicity (diagnosed August 2019), I became open to other treatment methods.  I began magnet treatment in August of 2019. The first two sessions were extremely relaxing, but I was not sure if anything was changing in my body. On my third session, I arrived with a cold. Juliann scanned my body, and magnets for my sinuses were requested. The next morning I woke up and my cold symptoms were gone. I was a believer!  With each session, my energy got better and better. 

I would highly recommend biomagnetic pair therapy especially for those who have tried other treatments without success.  Juliann is a caring practitioner who wants the best for her patients. She begins every session with a check-in on life, not just symptoms. Juliann takes her practice seriously and walks you through each step. I can't recommend Juliann enough!

Alana K., 2019

Juliann McCaffrey is such a compassionate and kind human being.  During an appointment with Dr. Chan, the Lyme Magnetic Protocol was recommended as a remedy to rid toxins and viruses from my system.  She referred me to Juliann and I am so thankful. Juliann takes her time to listen carefully to how you are feeling. The LMP sessions have made my immune system stronger and I feel better overall.  Thank you Juliann, you are amazing!

L.G., New Hampshire, 2019

I decided to try the Lyme Magnetic Protocol after 20 years and countless dollars spent on treatments that have not worked fully. I have been on herbs, antibiotics, IV’s, and have seen many specialists. I suffer from joint pain which leads to sleeplessness, vision problems, balance issues, and anxiety along with so many other symptoms. I spoke with Janelle at length about the process and felt comfortable with her right away. Janelle is extremely passionate about helping people and she approached my case with care and discernment. I am now 4 sessions in and I am starting to get my life back! I have no neck pain, which was my worst symptom. My mind is calm and not nearly as foggy as it has been in the past. I trust Janelle and believe that the Lyme Magnetic Protocol will change the face of Lyme Disease forever.

In gratitude, Joan

Janelle Salzman has saved my life.  Literally.  I was diagnosed a year ago with Lyme disease, which apparently I have had for many, many years but just didn’t know it.  I went on heavy antibiotics for 2 months but didn’t see any positive results whatsoever and actually came down with other serious issues due to the medication.  A friend told me about the Lyme Magnetic Protocol and I was ever so blessed to find Janelle.  I have worked with Janelle every 2 to 4 weeks for a year now and I now have a new lease on life!  I feel like myself again.  I never thought I’d be so lucky.  Prior to finding Janelle, my body was breaking down in every way.  Mentally, I could no longer subtract 4 from 5.  I couldn’t remember anything, nor form new thoughts for myself.  I was beginning to withdraw from friends and family.  I lost my self-confidence, mainly due to lack of memory.  Physically, my neck and shoulders felt like they were dipped in cement.  I had terrible migraines that lasted for three days at a crack, which happened every few weeks.  I could not control my body temperature, which I originally thought was the new normal at my age, 53 years old.  I wanted to sleep for 15 hours a day.  I woke up tired and had no strength to move. My feet were in severe pain.  They also felt like they were dipped in cement.  I had dietary issues as well.  These are just some of the symptoms of just how poor my health was before I met Janelle.  Through Janelle’s placement of the magnets, she has cleaned out the cobwebs from my body and eradicated the Lyme!  No medications!  All of the above mentioned symptoms are long gone!  I am now at the end of my treatment and I feel as if I hit the lottery on life with my renewed energy and health.  Thank you Janelle, from the bottom of my heart! Janelle is extremely skilled, not only with the magnets, but also with the knowledge of how to heal a person’s body from the inside out, mentally and physically. She takes the time to listen and to solve the problems.  Janelle is worth her weight in gold and she needs to be cloned. We need this type of help across the country.  Janelle, you are an angel from above.  Keep on shining your light!  We are forever grateful to you and for you!

Helen, December 2017

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