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Nutritional Coaching



Nutritional Coaching

Kate Cretsinger, our certified Nutrition Coach, looks at disease and dysfunction through the lens of nutrition. After taking a detailed health history, she will customize a wellness plan that will accommodate your health, lifestyle goals.
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I have been working with Kate for several months now and am very fortunate to do so :) I have found clarity in my outlook on life as well as motivation to do things that I 'normally' put off until later. Kate is a loving, compassionate soul who loves life and spreads her enthusiasm freely. I highly recommend Kate to anyone who wants a gentle, steady, strong and healthy fire lit under their tushy to make changes in their life!!!

Wendy, Newmarket, NH

In the 5 months I’ve been working with Kate, I am no longer on my cholesterol medications, I lost 14lbs, and I have more energy!!  What Kate educates me on is more than just a “quick fix”, it’s a lifestyle change.  At the age of 66 it is not easy to do overnight, Kate’s support and guidance have made it possible.  I continue to work with Kate on a regular basis to have her support to keep me moving in the right direction towards better health.

Charlotte, Glenburn ME

I am so much happier with my cooking. Even for someone who likes to cook, I got into bad habits with take-out food and heavier cooking at home. My shopping is easier - produce and protien - and my cooking is simple and satisying. It has helped my whole family which includes 2 teenage boys who have embraced the change.

Katie, NH.

My top three goals upon starting with Kate were to change how I eat and how I look at food. Dealing with my stomach issues such as pain, gassiness, and bloating. As well as clearing brain fog, gaining more physical and mental energy.  The biggest Change that I have noticed since starting to work with Kate 3 months ago was getting rid of my bloating.  I have been struggling with this for quite some time now.  Kate has walked me through a lot of situations; and together we were able to stop all of my gassy, bloating issues!  My brain fog has improved greatly! I feel like I have a more clear thought process.  I am more involved and aware with work, conversations with people, I have less aggravation and stress over things.  

I would describe Coach Kate as easy to talk to and easy to confide in, uplifting, supportive, and positive.  Kate really listens and cares about what you need.  She is knowledgeable and very helpful with setting attainable goals that keep you moving forward on a positive path without getting discouraged.  I would recommend Kate to anyone who has tried all other “diets” and has been discouraged with their results.  As well as anyone who would like to “change” the way they look and feel about food.

I have done some extreme dieting in my lifetime; being a competitor in body building (figure competition) I have a different look at food and dieting. I know how to ‘click’ into competition mode and eat on a regimented super clean, high protein diet to bulk up, then lean down for the stage. When I’m on... I’m on!! No wavering or cheating, my mind is set and I go for it! My problem is after all the hype is over, I tend to go back to terrible eating habits! I then have a yoyo pattern that messes with my head and physical body. My goal working with Kate has been to change my relationship with food and look at it differently in my regular everyday life. I feel like I have a lot of knowledge of food being involved in the competition world, but I have learned so much more from Kate. I have learned how food affects my body and mind and why we need certain things and need to get rid of other things that affect us negatively.

Kate really impresses me; she always has something new for me to look forward to week after week!

Adrienne, Hampstead NH

Kate has helped me accept myself and give myself credit for the goals I did accomplish and to not dwell on the goals that I didn’t meet.  She has helped me realize that no one is perfect, and just because I didn’t reach all of my goals, that doesn’t mean to stop trying.  By learning this, I have been able to accept my flaws and continue to better myself for inner happiness.  I have become much healthier with my diet and exercise.  Although it was not one of my goals to lose weight or gain weight, I have seen the appearance of my body change.  I have had less bloating; eating healthier alone has allowed me to shed a few pounds and I have seen muscle definition from exercise.  Kate was able to recognize that I have sensitivity to certain foods, which I was never aware of.  I have a much healthier mind sent.  The ways I manage stress and anxiety has changed completely, I feel more in control and I’m able to be content day to day.

Kate is very aware, caring and hard working.  She has answered all of my questions when I have them and will go out of her way to help.  She takes time out of her day to send me emails of our sessions so that I can go back and review at anytime.  Kate will send me links that she comes across that are informative for me.  I would recommend Kate to everyone…. I already have!  I love to share the information I receive from her.  She could be beneficial to anyone wanting a healthier mind and body.  Thank you Kate!

Katie, Bangor, ME

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