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Reiki Master Certification Class

Reiki Master Certification Class

Reiki Master Certification Class

Please see full class description and prerequisites on the Services page/Reiki Certification. This class includes a pre-class 8 week module program. Class size is capped at 8 students in order to maximize your experience and learning. Please call or email if you are interested in registering. Full tuition must be paid at time of registering in order to reserve your spot in class.

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Starting on
Sunday, May 5, 2024
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May 5, 2024
9:00AM to 5:00PM
Contact Phone:
(603) 402-9134
Contact Email:

Reiki Master Training Program

The Reiki Master Training Program is divided into 2 segments: Reiki Master class and Reiki Master-Teacher class.

In the Reiki Master Certification class you will receive:

  • An 8-week pre-class module training program comprised of activities and practices to deepen your awareness and connection to Source Energy. We will delve deeper into how we continue to shift from “doing” Reiki to “being” Reiki. We discuss, explore and practice ways into which we fill the gap of Universal Life Energy being something separate from us, to being One with everyone and everything around us. These pre-class modules help to hone your Reiki skills, deepen your practice and further prepare you for class day.
  • The Master Level Attunement to raise your vibration to the highest level and maximize your ability to channel healing Reiki energy.
  • The Reiki Master Symbol and its applications to strengthen your skillset and expand your awareness to the spiritual aspects of Reiki as it relates to and connects with your own spirituality.
  • Ample opportunity to connect, share experiences and ask questions with fellow students and myself, your Reiki Master Teacher.
  • The Reiki Master Certification.
  • NOTE: Prerequisites are Level I and Level II Reiki Certification by a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, and at least one year between Level II training and Reiki Master training. Certificate of Level II certification may be requested.

Tuition / Please call for pricing.