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Our Team

Juliann McCaffrey

Advanced Biomagnetic Therapy Practitioner


Certified in three different biomagnetic therapy protocols, Juliann McCaffrey is among some of the most highly trained and experienced Biomagnetic Therapy Practitioners in the U.S. With access to thousands of biomagnetic therapy pairs through these protocols, each aimed at specific points in the body where infection, toxins, or emotional trauma reside, Juliann has been able to successfully address a wide range of symptoms associated with numerous, complex health conditions for her clients. These include but are not limited to Lyme disease and its co-infections, chronic pain and fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, arthritis, environmental toxins such as mold, Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), strep and PANDAS (pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with strep).


An intuitive, compassionate and nurturing practitioner, Juliann personally suffered from the symptoms of Lyme disease, its co-infections, as well as mosquito infection in recent years. She has great empathy and appreciation for her clients and their personal journeys and understands the importance of now having boundaries in her life, self-care, speaking her truth, and gratitude for health and wellness. She began intensive biomagnetic therapy training in 2018 and is certified in:


1.    Lyme Magnetic ProtocolSM (LMP): Certified Advanced Level 4, trained by LMP founder, JoanRandall, Integrative Wellness, Woodstock, VT (2018 - 2020)

2.    Biomagnetic Pair Therapy: Advanced Level 2 practitioner, trained by Dr. LuisGarcia in Manhattan, NY (2020)

3.    Emotion Protocol, trained by Janelle Elyse of INDRA, Nashua, NH (2022)


Juliann provides biomagnetic therapy to clients both in Nashua, NH through in-person sessions and remotely to individuals from anywhere in the country. Her clients span from newborns to age 80+.


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Certified Reiki Master


Juliann began Reiki Training with Karen Cerato, Reiki Master Teacher, in 2015 and received her Reiki Master Certification in2019. She initially became interested in this gentle healing art to help herself and her family. As her practice deepened, she has seen and felt its true healing effects. Juliann’s clients often enjoy receiving Reiki after magnets are placed during a biomagnetic therapy session as it is calming, provides stress reduction, strengthens the immune system, and facilitates healing.


Fun Facts


After receiving a degree in business administration from Middlesex Community College and working in the high tech industry for 10 years, Juliann followed her passion in health and wellness beginning with her aesthetics license in skincare and health in 1997. She started as Office Manager at the NH Health & Wellness Center, and after observing the remarkable improvement in clients' health through biomagnetic therapy, she realized it was the path she was meant to travel.