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Our Team

Juliann McCaffrey


Juliann received a degree in Business Administration from Middlesex Community College and worked in the High Tech industry for 10 years. She was always interested in Health & Wellness and began her journey by receiving her Aesthetics License in Skin Care and Health in 1997. She then represented a Swiss line of Health and Wellness Products for many years, while raising her children. Juliann then began working for a vision center as an optical technician performing visual screenings. Yearning to be in an environment that promoted holistic wellness, Juliann became the Office Manager at the NH Health & Wellness Center in 2016.

Lyme Magnetic Protocol Training

While in the role of Office Manager, Juliann had the privilege of getting to know the incredible clients at the NH Health & Wellness Center and became particularly fascinated with the Lyme Magnetic Protocol. After witnessing the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease, it’s co-infections and other pathogens among the clientele, Juliann became captivated with the entire process. She watched week after week how the health of these clients improved dramatically by the magnet sessions. Not only did the clients tell Juliann how much better they are feeling, Juliann was able to see a physical and emotional change in these clients as well. They got a light back in their eyes and a vitality which provided a new lease on life for many. Juliann became trained as a Lyme Magnetic Protocol Practitioner in 2018 with Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness in Woodstock, VT and continued her training to become an Advanced Level 4 LMP Practitioner.  In 2020 Juliann expanded her skill set and became a Level 2 practitioner in BioMagnetic Duo Therapy  with Dr. Luis Garcia from the Morrison Center in Manhattan, NY, becoming one of the few practitioners in the country to be trained in both protocols and integrate them together in her clients sessions.

Reiki Training

Juliann began her Reiki Training with Karen Cerato, Reiki Master Teacher in 2015 and later received her Reiki Master Certification in 2019. She initially became interested in this gentle healing art for the benefit it offered to her family as well as herself. As her practice has deepened, she has seen and felt the true healing effects it can provide. Juliann’s clients often enjoy receiving Reiki after the magnets are placed during a Lyme Magnetic Protocol session as it is calming, provides stress reduction, strengthens the immune system and facilitates healing on many levels. In addition, Juliann is available to schedule individual, 1-hour Reiki Sessions.


Juliann is an intuitive, compassionate and nurturing practitioner. She is grateful everyday to be part of the skilled and integrative team approach at NH Health & Wellness Center. To schedule an appointment with Juliann, please call the Center at 603-402-9134.