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Our Team

Sarah Lawrence

Meet Sarah Lawrence, our Functional Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach. With 15 years in the wellness field, Sarah will empower you to use nutrition, laughter, energy, and lifestyle adjustments to alleviate physical burdens, foster balanced health, experience renewed hope, and unlock profound healing. She firmly believes that everyone deserves to feel better, heard, and supported, shaping personalized plans tailored to your goals and real-life. Sarah's mission is to create purposeful partnerships to help you get back to feeling your best.


Sarah’s Approach and Why:

Personal journeys are at the core of Sarah’s work. No two plans are the same because your life, experiences, stressors, and struggles are unique. A challenging experience with thyroid cancer and autoimmune imbalance that triggered Psoriasis and severe Psoriatic Arthritis, fueled Sarah’s passion for holistic healing.  The frustration of seeing doctor after doctorand having a zillion costly tests only to be offered little more than conflicting advice, a lifetime of prescriptions and lack of results motivated Sarah to shift from a successful career in IT. She immersed herself in science, natural health, nutrition, and complementary therapies before establishing her private practice as a Holistic Health Coach in 2011 and expanding her skills as a Functional Nutritionist in 2016.

Using a holistic approach and Functional Medicine framework, Sarah helps people who are struggling with pain, fatigue, and imbalance discover the healthy choices that will unlock energy, comfort, balance, and body confidence. Regardless of the diagnosis -- diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, Lyme disease, thyroid disorders, fertility challenges, PCOS, MCAS, POTS, fibromyalgia, cancer, mood disorders, neurocognitive disorders, post-concussion syndrome – assessing and addressing your stress/resilience, nutrition, hydration, digestion, elimination, hormone balance, blood sugar balance, sleep, movement, and connection are foundational to getting your health back in balance. 

We work together to help you take small, meaningful steps forward.  Functional Nutrition isn’t about diets and deprivation; we focus on nourishment and restoration.  Your action plan will not only fit into your lifestyle and be “do-able” but it will be flexible, fun and rewarding too! The focus is on enjoying what you eat, experiencing nourishment beyond food, and receiving support for your journey.

Credentials and Expertise:

·       Certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner

·       Certified Holistic Health Coach

·       Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Aromatherapist, Master Reiki Practitioner (Usui and Shamballa)


·       The NH Health & Wellness Center, Functional Nutritionist

·       Whole Psychiatry and Brain Recovery Center, Functional Nutritionist

·       Functional Nutrition Alliance, lead Functional Nutritionist, instructor, researcher, content writer

·       Writer for

·       Ghost writer of nutrition and health coaching content for many wellness professionals


Fun Facts:

I am a wife, mom, science geek, info junkie, foodie, author, speaker, musician, blogger, animal lover, Virgo who loves books, fuzzy socks, crystals, home-grown herbs, fresh mountain air and scrunching my toes in the warm sand near the ocean. Every day, I laugh, cook, go on a walk, do some breathwork, and try to get in 8 glasses of water. I sing loud and proud, in the shower, car and the kitchen! I have a secret stash of dark chocolate, love a good cup of coffee, have been known to snag 20 minutes in the tub on a Friday night & leave laundry unfolded for a day or two. I’ve camped in every state except for Alaska and Hawaii, travelled far and wide, but my favorite place is home.


For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Sarah Lawrence.


Call today at (603) 391-1230