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Sarah Lawrence, FNLP, CHHC is a Certified Functional Nutrition & Lifestyle Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Coach.  Sarah is also an Aromatherapist, Reiki Master and Shamballa Practitioner and a Laughter Yoga Teacher.  Combining her unique knowledge, experience, and passion for helping people access hope and healing, Sarah's mission is Partnership with a Purpose.  Believing that you deserve to feel better, to feel heard and supported, Sarah creates a plan with your goals and your very real life in mind.

At the age of 16, Sarah was diagnosed with a challenging thyroid cancer; Psoriasis/Psoriatic Arthritis hit at age 30 and triggered years of chronic pain and joint deformity.  Personal experience spurred Sarah to focus 20 years on healing, diving into science, training in natural health, nutrition and complementary therapies before opening her private practice.  In 1996, Sarah graduated from Fairfield University where she focused on English, Chemistry and Women's Studies.  She earned certifications as a Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2011 and as a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner with the Functional Nutrition Alliance from 2016-2019.  With over 8 years of experience helping people use nutrition, laughter, energy and lifestyle shifts to reduce the burden on the body, support balanced health and unlock deep healing, Sarah is passionate about helping people find relief.  


While Sarah specializes in autoimmune and hormone imbalance (thyroid, adrenal, reproductive), chronic pain, anxiety/depression/mood imbalance, food sensitivities/food allergies, gastroparesis, Lyme disease or tick-borne illness,  she is also honored to support people who want to eat healthier, learn how to avoid common health concerns like diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, headaches, and insomnia.  There is no one-size-fits all nutrition plan.  Sarah can customize nutrition and lifestyle plans to suit any age, accommodate any allergy and satisfy any palette.  Expect to enjoy what you eat.  Expect nourishment that's deeper than food.  Expect support and simple strategies that will help you reach your goals.  

What is Functional Nutrition and Holistic Health Coaching

A Functional Nutritionist is specially trained to assess your health history and map areas that need support.  The job of a Functional Nutritionist is to educate patients about their unique health situations and identify ways that healthy eating and lifestyle choices can support success in reaching health goals.  By clearing the muddy water and exposing the roots of imbalance, FNLP's and Health Coaches help establish an action plan that first supports the non-negotiable foundations of health.  Slowly, we peel back layers of burden and nourish the body with healthy food, mindset, inspiration, and motivation.  Sarah's unique blend of training adds laughter, energy, aromatherapy, and love into the mix for a holistic approach that honors body, mind, and spirit.  The functional process is all about relationship; with your own body, with your healing team, your community, etc.  Simple shifts and doable steps help patients navigate from overwhelm and imbalance to support and success.

FNLP's and Health Coaches can work collaboratively with your doctor and other health care practitioners in addition to providing targeted care.  We provide wellness and nutrition information, healthier options, recommendations, guidance, motivation, and skill-building that makes establishing healthier routines as simple and satisfying as 1-2-3!  

Sarah works with individuals who struggle with chronic inflammation, chronic illness, chronic pain, Autoimmune disorders, hormone imbalance (thyroid, adrenal, reproductive), Lyme disease, stress, PTSD, headaches, insomnia, and weight imbalance.  Most of her patients have bounced from specialist to specialist, are frustrated, and ready to finally find answers and get relief!

Partner with Sarah to develop a customized plan which will support you in successfully achieving your health, lifestyle and wellness goals – and ultimately lead you to deeper nourishment, relief and balance!

Public Wellness Workshops

Sarah is passionate about teaching people how to have a better relationship with their health. When Sarah is not seeing patients, you will often find her offering workshops and webinars to the community. Visit our Events page to find out when the next workshop will be held.


For more information or to schedule a consultation, contact Sarah Lawrence.


Call today at (603) 391-1230