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Integrative Medicine



Integrative Medicine

Heather Tallman Ruhm is a Certified Family Physician and Integrative Medical Doctor who approaches health, wellness, and dis-ease from a system’s biology viewpoint.
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Dear Dr. Heather

I am so grateful for your kindness, attentive listening, persistent brainstorming, endless knowledge (and ability and willingness to explain) and the enormous amounts of time you have spent both with me and on my case.  I am a better person for having met you.  Thank you so very much.

Dr. Tallman Ruhm,

You helped my father treat c-diff, which worked within a half day, avoiding a hospital stay and vastly improving his quality of life. Much appreciated for your help and we thank you!

Dr. Tallman Ruhm,

Thank you so much for speaking at Rotary today.  You have the kind of energy that our club thrives on.

Dear Dr. Heather,

Your practice blazed a trail for others to follow as “alternative healthcare” has become more gradually acknowledged in more establishment businesses/practices.  I want you to know that you made a positive difference in my life and I have benefited from your wisdom, knowledge and compassion.

Dr. Heather,

Thank you for taking me on as a patient!  I sing your praises to everyone and I am blessed to have you with your expertise and knowledge helping me stay healthy!

Dear Dr. Tallman Ruhm,

Words cannot express my deep gratitude for the procedure you performed on the ski slopes. It was an emergency room visit that you could have easily overlooked.  My husband and I identify you as “the angel on the slopes.”  We thank God for your presence on so many levels.

Dear Dr. Tallman Ruhm,

I woke up this morning for the first time in along time since my cancer diagnosis…feeling like a human being!!  I mean I felt great.  Thank you for giving me the time and patience, and education to help me regain my quality of life.  I hope I continue on this path.  It feels great to be me again!

Dear Dr. Tallman Ruhm:

Two years ago I met with you regarding my recent diagnosis of osteoporosis.  For the last two years I have followed a regimen that you prescribed.  I have also changed my diet, participated in many triathlons and road races over the last two years.  At your recommendation, I met with Dr.F.  Last month I went for a bone density scan.  When the technician scanned my spine again, she was surprised that the curve was not as bad as she had thought.  She was also surprised at the results of the scan.  She tried to re-work the results several times but they all came back with a positive change and a diagnosis of osteopenia.  I will continue to work with you and Dr. F. as well as continue my life-style changes with regard to eating and exercising in the hopes that I will continue to see such great results in the future.  Thank you so much for your help and support over the last two years.  It’s been an amazing journey for me.

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