Have You Struggled with Lyme Disease?

March 18, 2024

Reported cases of Lyme disease have trended upward in recent years, though according to the Johns Hopkins Lyme and Tick borne Diseases Dashboard, the numbers do not capture the magnitude of underreporting, while in the U.S. is expected to be more than tenfold. Interestingly, Massachusetts, an endemic state for Lyme disease, no longer reports cases to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Though estimating the true incidence of Lyme disease is challenging, from what I see in my office every day, it is most definitely problematic for many.

And this year in particular, our warmer winter means that ticks are emerging earlier than normal. New Hampshire epidemiologist says tick-transmitted infections are a big problem in New Hampshire and across New England, and include other states as well. And it doesn’t take long for damage to be done to the body. While transmission rates increase with more attachment time, tick-borne infections can be transmitted very quickly.

Lyme Magnetic Protocol (LMP) Therapy

Since the Center's opening in January 2016, I have been working as a Biomagnetic Therapy Practitioner, initially focused on using Lyme Magnetic Protocol(LMP) Therapy to treat the symptoms of Lyme disease and other vector-born infections. Though I have since trained in other biomagnetic protocols, including Biomagnetic Pair Therapy by Dr. Garcia and Emotion Protocol by INDRA to address other symptoms and conditions, I have new clients – young and old – who come to me every day with chronic Lyme disease that is debilitating for them. I also offer remote sessions with clients all over the country.

Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy is highly successful in the treatment of ironic Lyme disease. A unique and powerful treatment modality, LMP emerged several years ago from the founder of biomagnetism, Dr. Isaac Goiz, MD, a medical surgeon from Mexico, and his Biomagnetic Pair Therapy. Dr. Goiz had researched and uncovered points in the body that house various pathogens. Applying magnets to the points neutralizes the body, diminishing acidity and inflammation upon which pathogens thrive. Over his career, he successfully treated 350,000+ people with biomagnetism and trained 10,000+medical doctors and other health practitioners from many countries in South America, the U.S., and Europe.

Developed by Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness, LMP specifically targets the symptoms of Lyme disease and tick borne infection. Today, there are more than 1,500 magnetic pairs in the protocol to address the highly complex and aggressive symptoms of chronic Lyme disease and its co-infections.

The Success of Biomagnetic Therapy and LMP for Lyme Disease

Over the years, I have seen numerous positive results from the Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy for countless clients. Recently, Michelle L. shared this testimonial with me, for which I am grateful:

Before I started the Lyme Magnetic Protocol with Karen Cerato at the NH Health& Wellness Center, I felt horrible! I thought I would never feel better again. I had severe leg pain, exhaustion, brain fog, tingling in my hands and feet, joint pain, breathing and digestion issues, and many other symptoms. I literally felt like I was dying. I know this sounds dramatic, but I went from running 10 miles a day and working out consistently to losing feeling in my legs. I was really scared. How could someone so healthy become so sick so quickly?

It wasn't until 12 months later and thousands of dollars on blood tests, multiple doctor visits, MRIs, and scans to find out I have Lyme disease. I tried taking Doxycycline and herbal antibiotics but the side effects were unbearable for me. I wasn't sure where to turn at that point until someone suggested Biomagnetic Therapy for Lyme. I was pretty skeptical and nervous going in, but after sitting with Karen, she made me feel very comfortable and assured me the side effects would be minimal. She really listened to my concerns. She was right! Although, after some sessions I did feel my body processing the infection die-off, the discomfort wasn't anything I couldn't handle. I quickly felt Karen was someone I could trust with my feelings and my health. Her cheerful smile and delightful personality always made it easy to keep coming back to see her.

Karen and I had to work through a lot of Lyme and co-infections as well as detox and mold issues…It's taken a while but I'm happy to say that I feel much better!!! I have started walking a lot, biking, and even some running. Exercise is my passion, and I’m so excited to get back to that part of my life. I can't wait to ski with my son this winter! I couldn't be more grateful for Karen and this protocol. She has given me my life back! Thank you, Karen, for always having a smile on your face and for keeping every visit positive. I strongly recommend this protocol if you are struggling with Lyme.”

I am so grateful to have helped Michelle as well as many others struggling with Lyme disease. There are many more testimonials available here.

More information on Biomagnetic Therapy to address Lyme disease and co-infections

The Biomagnetic Therapy Practitioners at the NH Health & Wellness Center are some of the most advanced trained biomagnetism practitioners in the U.S. They have access to thousands of biomagnetic pairs within three wide-ranging protocols, including Lyme Magnetic Protocol(LMP) Therapy, each targeting a specific point in the body that harbors infection, toxins, imbalances, and emotional trauma.

For more information on Biomagnetic Therapy for the treatment of the symptoms of Lyme disease and more, please go here.

To schedule an initial appointment or for more information, please call the Center at: (603) 402-9134.

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