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Allergy Release Technique® (A.R.T.) offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to treating food and environmental allergies, as well as treating various immune conditions and sensitivities. What distinguishes A.R.T. from other methods is its ability to reset the immune system, enabling people to eat freely and live fully.
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I have had lactose intolerance for over 20 years and recently participated in the program that Allergy & Health Balance provided. After 7 months of treatment, I can now eat two slices of pizza or drink a cup of milk without the need of taking Lactaid! I am so happy with the result. Thanks to Deepal and A. R. T that I don’t have to remember to bring Lactaid with me while eating out.

As far as my experience with ART, I have seen a variety of improvements in my body. They include a 95% improvement in abdominal pain, bloating and gas. Itchy, red skin was a constant problem that is now virtually nonexistent. My skin has been 90% less reactive to various trees and plant contact. Eating a cleaner diet and regular consumption of a quality probiotic have contributed to feeling better as well. Deepal is an excellent teacher. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and a good listener.

I’ve been on steroid inhalers for over forty years and allergic to dogs. Thanks to Deepal and A.R.T, I have reduced the dose from twice a day to once, every other day. It’s incredible. There has been no other help available to me in weaning off steroid dependence. I am also completely symptom-free around dogs and can enjoy cuddling them for the first time in my life! It is all because of A.R.T.

One of my challenging allergies was Nickle. I had to stop wearing my wedding band, could not eat any canned food and even stopped drinking water from the metal bottle. After working with Deepal over the last year, I can finally wear all my jewelry, drink water from the metal bottle and am so thrilled to be able to eat canned tomato sauce, opening up my options to eat in a restaurant, Yay!

We found Deepal after seeing many medical and wellness providers and had felt like we had tried everything and nothing helped my son’s eczema. Deepal and her ART - Allergy Release Technique was the first time we started to see any healing in my son’s eczema, it felt like a light at the end of a two-year-long tunnel! We are so thankful for all of her help!!


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