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“I learned so much about myself during my Ayurvedic consultation with Meg. I was intimidated that the steps toward improvement would be overwhelming, but her suggestions were easy to implement and incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!”

“I was lucky enough to receive an Ayurvedic consultation with Meg recently. As a woman who has begun experiencing the symptoms of menopause, I have been frustrated with the drastic drop-off in my energy as well as persistent insomnia. Meg's kind and compassionate personality created a safe space for me to discuss my concerns without any judgment. She provided me with incredibly helpful information and a variety of workable solutions. I am thrilled to say that my insomnia has drastically improved since my visit with Meg! She is a talented practitioner with a huge heart!”

“You helped me so much and I learned so much about working with the cycles of Mother Nature!”

“Meg’s introduction and guidance into Ayurvedic principles has had a lasting impression on my health. Her thorough and thoughtful approach and insights have improved many areas of my well being. Specifically my digestive issues have improved or resolved and I feel like the strategies and suggestions from her have been very easy to implement. I look forward to learning more from Meg!”

“Meg is amazing! She brings such a calm, and positive energy to every interaction and her smile is contagious. Meg took the time to get to know me on a deeper level and was truly invested in helping me achieve optimal wellness. I continue to incorporate what I learned into my daily wellness routine and have noticed a huge difference. I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with Meg!”

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