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Ayurveda looks at the person as a whole and not just the symptoms of illness. Diagnosis, therapeutic interventions, and remedies for your health imbalance will then be suggested. We start with a comprehensive examination of your ailments.
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With the guidance of a master, I've done it. The level of commitment that is required was overwhelming at first... but then - everything clicked ... just 2 days left of the Colorado cleanse and I'll post before and after pictures this weekend. I've lost 12 pounds, feel light as a feather and have no cravings at all (it's crazy). Absolutely focused, prepared and life changing. If you can meet Janelle and work with her... Do it. I've never been healthier and more centered and powerful in my life. Beyond that my meditation practice and feeling of peace and focus is more rewarding and powerful than ever. I couldn't have done it without my teacher and guide - Thank you, thank you, thank you Janelle Elyse!

Nate, Amherst, NH

Janelle is a lover, a teacher, a student, a guru, and one of the most caring humans I have ever met! I have experienced an Ayurvedic cleanse with Janelle by my side, and bodywork by Janelle also. Each experience was so special. She was there for me every step of the way through out my cleanse. Multiple times she said, 'call, text, email me at any point in time. I don't care if it's 3 am. I am here for you.' My experience with Abhyanga was amazing and so pure. Janelle's positive energy and loving hands completely shifted my energy. A ray of lightness comes over me every time I step foot into her office space and always see her smiling face. Always a smiling face! She is here to help us all, as a teacher and a student. Whether it is a cleanse, body work, or consultation, she has a very special gift to support and guide. I am so grateful for her and her passion and what she has taught me, not just about Ayurveda, but about life in general and loving and caring for thy self.

Meagan, NH

Janelle is valuable player in the preventive health movement. Ayurveda looks at all parts of an individual. If you want to get a more comprehensive understanding...particularly of role of mind-body connection in your life, she will guide you in the right direction. She is caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about getting you to the healthiest version of yourself. With Janelle's help, I've come to know my self better, as well as others. Ayerveda has reignited a fire inside me to take charge of my own wellness. I highly recommend Janelle for any health issues you have. She is a healer in the true sense.

Karin, NH

Janelle has a high level of knowledge in Ayurveda. I believe she truly knows how to help a person get their health back and stay healthy. I've worked with two other Ayurvedic doctors in Massachusetts but neither were as thorough and caring as Janelle. She seems to be able to zone in on the true nature of the problem. She just has a 'knack' for it. Keep up the great work!

Bob, NH

Working with Janelle has brought deep clarity and insight to the many ways I can nurture, support and thrive in my own unique energy body. Understanding how to eat, restore and nurture my own unique Self has been incredibly helpful in my healing process. Janelle is caring, intuitive and practical, offering suggestions and guidance that works for me, my goals and my lifestyle. She easily connects with her clients in a compassionate yet practical approach that yields positive results after only 1 session with her! Janelle is able to easily bridge the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to the practical application of daily life in the Western world. Working with Janelle will be part of my wellness program indefinitely!

Karen, NH

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