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Healing with sound



Healing with sound

Acutonics is a unique energy-based, non-invasive approach for healing using the vibratory energy created through sound. Frequencies create subtle, yet powerful effects on the physiological, emotional and spiritual bodies.
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I had a great night after my reiki/tuning combo! On my way home the ride vibed and I finally completely relaxed. This morning I feel like I am recalibrating with the universe as things are working themselves out and rearranging so I can see it through. Thanks so much and can’t wait for my next session!

I have been working with Kim in conjunction with my Biomagnetism treatments for symptoms of Lyme Disease and co-infections. My main symptoms are fatigue/exhaustion and back pain. Kim’s treatments have helped me tremendously! What has worked best for me is seeing Kim a day or two after my Biomagnetism treatment, as well as on the off week. I have had 6 treatments in a row and I plan to continue seeing Kim while on my healing journey. With a combination of tuning forks and reiki, I am noticing a marked improvement in my energy levels, back pain, sleep quality and ability to detoxify faster. I feel stronger overall as a result. Kim is a very knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner. You will be in great hands working with Kim!

I wasn't sure that tuning forks would offer me something more than my usual reiki sessions, but I am so glad I tried them because they have taken my sessions to a new level of total wellness. My energy is abundant and lasting and I am finally sleeping soundly as I did years ago. I highly recommend Kim's sound healing as a gentle yet powerful way to heal.

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