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Reiki flows through seven major energy centers (or “chakras”) within the human body. When one’s energy is free flowing and balanced their body is healthy and relaxed. When the energy becomes imbalanced or blocked, emotional and/or physical symptoms may develop and illness may occur.
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I want to share with everyone a crazy experience I had. I had a really bad head cold and was miserable! My roommate’s mom, Kristin Hurley, happened to stop by and convinced me to let her do some Reiki.  I knew nothing about this but I let her try and within a half hour my whole body began to sweat, my nose began to run and I started to breathe better!  When she left, I felt good enough to walk her outside. I had not felt good enough to do that in a week! That was the turning point for me. I don’t know how she did it, but the next day I woke up feeling like myself again!  

ZR 12/20

Meagan was able to relax my over-anxious brain in one session...which I didn't even think was possible! While she performed Reiki on me, I concentrated on my breathing and tried to calm my mind. By the end of the appointment, I wasn't "trying to calm my mind" anymore. I was SO relaxed from the inside out that my body felt like jello. I recommend Reiki to anyone feeling anxious or stressed; you'll be thankful you did!

Kiara W, 12/20

Kristin Hurley was my home care nurse a few years ago. One day I was in a lot of pain because I had surgery. I was grouchy and didn’t have any pain medication to take. Kristin quickly had me take some deep breaths and asked if she could try some Reiki on me.  I had no clue what Reiki was but was willing to try.  After a few minutes I started to relax a little and after about 20 minutes or so, my pain was gone!

I wish that she could stop over every day!

Peter 09/18

I want to share with everyone what I believe to be the power of Reiki. A few years ago my wife and I, along with our animals, had to evacuate our home because of a hurricane threat. I was very nervous as I drove away from our home but somewhere along the ride I began to relax and for the first time in several days, I felt an overwhelming sense of calm come over me.  Later that evening, Kristin told me she had sent Reiki to me. She said she concentrated on the affirmation “All would be well”.  Although the hurricane still occurred, Kristin was able to calm me down with Distant Reiki and that was so appreciated!

JPH 11/20

I have received Reiki on and off for many years, by whom I would consider to be some of the best and most experienced. Meagan’s skills are right up there with the best. Following our sessions, I am more grounded and focused as well as wonderfully relaxed. Most recently, I experienced an emotional release that was linked to the discomfort in my hip and has also allowed me to let go of an unhealthy relationship.

Kathy S, 12/20

Receiving Reiki from Meagan is such a peaceful practice that I am able to achieve a deep level of relaxation.  Everything from the welcoming environment to Meagan’s genuine warmth and caring makes the experience healing in so many ways.

Jessica G, 12/20

Meagan offers a wonderful combination of Reiki and massage which is a good blend of two body treatments I had previously done separately.  The Reiki treatment is a wonderful introduction to the massage leaving me relaxed and recharged on a whole new level.  I highly recommend you try this duo!

Karen K, 12/20

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