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Reiki flows through seven major energy centers (or “chakras”) within the human body. When one’s energy is free flowing and balanced their body is healthy and relaxed. When the energy becomes imbalanced or blocked, emotional and/or physical symptoms may develop and illness may occur.
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Recently I began feeling anxious, depressed and difficulty sleeping and referred to Lynda Pearson for reiki. After my first session, I began to feel much less anxious and started sleeping better right away.  After a few visits, I have less anxiety and started feeling like myself again.  Lynda has a unique gift; is a caring and compassionate Reiki provider and I highly recommend her.

MD, 1/21

I have received Reiki on and off for many years, by whom I would consider to be some of the best and most experienced. Meagan’s skills are right up there with the best. Following our sessions, I am more grounded and focused as well as wonderfully relaxed. Most recently, I experienced an emotional release that was linked to the discomfort in my hip and has also allowed me to let go of an unhealthy relationship.

Kathy S, 12/20

Meagan was able to relax my over-anxious brain in one session...which I didn't even think was possible! While she performed Reiki on me, I concentrated on my breathing and tried to calm my mind. By the end of the appointment, I wasn't "trying to calm my mind" anymore. I was SO relaxed from the inside out that my body felt like jello. I recommend Reiki to anyone feeling anxious or stressed; you'll be thankful you did!

Kiara W, 12/20

Receiving Reiki from Meagan is such a peaceful practice that I am able to achieve a deep level of relaxation.  Everything from the welcoming environment to Meagan’s genuine warmth and caring makes the experience healing in so many ways.

Jessica G, 12/20

Meagan offers a wonderful combination of Reiki and massage which is a good blend of two body treatments I had previously done separately.  The Reiki treatment is a wonderful introduction to the massage leaving me relaxed and recharged on a whole new level.  I highly recommend you try this duo!

Karen K, 12/20

Thank you, Lynda, for your caring and compassionate approach to my healing.  I arrived in your office feeling sad, stressed and “tight” in my chest.  You immediately picked up on my energy being blocked and began your powerful Reiki work with me.  After the session, I felt lighter, happier and even hopeful.  You are incredibly intuitive and yet seem devoid of ego with your work.  I cannot thank you enough and am excited for my next session!

KC, 11/20

Before my son Matthew was diagnosed with chronic Lyme and multiple co-infections, he was alarmingly ill. Lynda Pearson, knowing how much he was suffering, offered to perform Reiki on him. She was so calm and reassuring. Matthew saw a green light, which Lynda explained to us signifies healing. Her practice was centered around his chest and head area, which is ultimately where much of his pain and suffering was. Lynda's passion for healing and spirituality was instrumental in Matthew's ultimate diagnosis and recovery. We will forever be grateful to her.

AZ, 6/18

I am a nurse in a hospital setting.  Reiki has been an invaluable tool in helping to provide healing and peace both to staff and patients at the hospital. Lynda Pearson has volunteered her time at my facility providing her caring and calming work as a Reiki Practitioner. Lynda’s work with the patients has been very calming to them, allowing them to relax and sleep while trying to recover in the hospital.  We are so grateful for her sharing this powerful work with our hospital!

SBD, R.N., 3/18

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