Body Burden May Be Stressing You Out

June 30, 2020

Stress has long been a part of our lives, and it’s well justified today. When we think of stress, however, most of us think of the physiological stress we are enduring from our busy lives. In many cases, our bodies have long been burdened or overburdened with another kind of stress. In fact, most of us endure body burden overload at levels never before experienced by the human race. So, what is it that has been so burdensome to our bodies that we find ourselves in a global health crisis?

Accumulating body burden comes in many different forms, types, and intensities, both mental and physical in nature, and from many different sources. And, the burden is increasing at alarming rates. Because a record number of these burdens are pushing our bodies to their limits, many near or past the breaking point, we are sicker than previous generations. Despite the fact that our bodies are screaming for help in the way of increasing physical and mental symptoms, many are unaware this happening beneath the surface. 

Our body’s defenses are built to manage the natural body burden that comes in the form of physical changes we endure as a result of human growth and development – from infancy and early childhood to the particularly taxing events of puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Though natural, these events cause physiological changes that the body needs to manage. 

Our immune system also needs to contend with various pathogens, bacteria and viruses, and many times, exposure to various strains of tick borne infection and parasites. Often, viruses like Epstein-Barr (EBV) and Strep are diagnosed and treated at initial onset, but never completely vanish. These viruses can unknowingly lurk within, creating hard work for our system for years. We also work hard to heal from incidents like accidents, injury, and surgery, all which take a toll.

Today however, our body’s defenses have the added burden of managing and ridding foreign substances and toxic debris, not a significant factor until recent years. We are battling high levels of environmental toxicities from pesticides in foods, chemicals in plastics, toxins in cleaners, makeup, and lotions, as well as heavy metals and molds. Many of these toxicities that we are exposed to on a daily basis were not factors just 20 years ago. 

Unfortunately, we are simply not built to handle all of these burdens. When the load gets to be too much, our body starts to whisper a cry for help in the way of subtle symptoms. As the burden increases, a body in crisis begins to scream in the way of more severe symptoms. As a result, we are getting sicker – both physically and mentally. The human body is strong and resilient, but we are pushing its limits like never before. 

The good news is we can work to reduce body burden, even in these stressful times. Starting today, help lessen your load with these tips:

  • Eat real, whole foods, and organic when possible – Eliminating processed foods which contain a lot of sugar, salt, and oils as well as toxic preservatives is a huge help. Be sure to cut extra sugar and starches as well, which all work against us.

  • Get sufficient sleep – It’s no secret that sleep helps fight infection, but most of us don’t get enough. Put aside social media, TV, reading, and late night work and chores and shut your eyes for better health.

  • Exercise regularly – Our bodies build tension, and movement works to release tension and the emotion around it. Additionally, studies have proven that exercise helps us deal with pathogens and reduces risk of infection.  

  • Practice meditation and yoga – Mindfulness and stillness interrupts negative thinking patterns and restores healthier thinking.

  • Get out in nature – Until modern times, humans spent most of their time outdoors – hunting, gathering, and working in farms and fields. So much time spent indoors is working against us. It’s proven that we need physical contact with the natural world for true health.  

When you experience problematic and persistent symptoms, this is your body’s way of getting your attention. Practitioners at the NH Health & Wellness Center specialize in building resiliency and wellbeing under today’s unprecedented circumstances. Using an integrative model, our holistic medicine specialists use a wide range of modalities to meet the varying, unique needs of each individual. 

Many of us have been in a mode of reevaluating what’s important in our lives, and I hope your health is at the top of your list. As restrictions begin to lift and you slowly come out of isolation, it’s more important than ever to reduce body burden in any way you can. 

Karen Cerato works with clients at the NH Health & Wellness Center to help reduce body burden and related symptoms while increasing health and wellness. She is an Advanced Level 4 Lyme Magnetic Protocol Practitioner, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance, and has been an occupational therapist for 30 years. Reach her at 603-402-9134 or visit:

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