Ayurveda originated in India more than 5,000 years ago and is the oldest continuously practiced healthcare system in the world. It translates to “the science of life” and is considered a “sister” practice to yoga. This system teaches us that the universe is composed of five elements: ether, air, fire, water and earth. Just like Mother Nature, every human being is made up of all five elements, and every human has a unique combination of these elements that change over time.

The elements combine and form three doshas/body types which are referred to as vata, pitta and kapha. Each body type has their own set of qualities/gunas. Two important principles of Ayurveda are, “like increases like” and “opposites bring balance.” An Ayurvedic Health Counselor will pay attention to which qualities appear elevated/imbalanced with the client and therefore determine much of the recommendations given. Vata is a combination of ether and air and is dry, light, cold, mobile and subtle. Pitta is a combination of fire and water and is oily, sharp, penetrating, hot and spreading. Kapha is a combination of earth and water and is heavy, dull, stable, cool and sticky. The unique combination of these doshas is expressed through one’s physical, mental and emotional states of being.

Ayurveda focuses on living in harmony with the rhythms of nature. Not only is each season represented by a dosha (Winter/Fall: Vata, Summer: Pitta, Kapha: Spring), there is also an Ayurvedic AM & PM clock. In addition to that, there are six flavors/rasas in Ayurveda, each having two dominant elements. The famous words of Dr. Rosy are, “Ayurveda is everywhere and everything!” Imbalances can occur when we step out of the daily and seasonal rhythms. Eating seasonal foods and honoring the daily sun and moon cycles are supportive of one’s internal harmony and health.

An Ayurvedic approach addresses a person’s unique needs by reviewing their current emotional, mental, and physical state. The goal is to awaken one’s inner wisdom and bring harmony in the areas that have lost balance.

Ayurveda can be helpful for anyone struggling with:

Brain fog


Body Aches

Digestive Problems

Sleep Issues

Skin Issues





Because the Ayurvedic approach views each client as an intricate and unique being, an initial Ayurvedic Consultation is 90 minutes. Much is discussed in great length at the consultation such as: digestion, bowel movements, menstrual cycle, sleep habits, coffee/alcohol/beverage consumption, phone health, self care practices, food consumption, meal times, relationship with self/others, morning routine, bedtime routine and much more. It is important to note that conscious listening and non-judgement is regarded highly by Meg, who strives to create a safe space for healing and discussion during the consultation. Click here for more information on the consultation process and follow up. An Ayurvedic Health Counselor’s scope of practice involves recommending diet and lifestyle changes.

Initial Ayurvedic Consultation (90 minutes): $115

Ayurvedic Follow Up (60 minutes): $85

In addition to consultations, Ayurveda offers bodywork to help balance the doshas and nurture the tissues. Abhyanga is an Ayurvedic oil massage that involves lighter pressure, intention setting, seasoned oils, and oxytocin release to bring balance.

Meg is elated to start working with clients as she is deeply passionate about sharing Ayurveda. For more information or to schedule a consultation or abhyanga treatment, contact Meg Visnaskas.

Email: Meagan@nhhealthwellness.com

“I learned so much about myself during my Ayurvedic consultation with Meg. I was intimidated that the steps toward improvement would be overwhelming, but her suggestions were easy to implement and incredibly helpful. Highly recommend!”

I was lucky enough to receive an Ayurvedic consultation with Meg recently. As a woman who has begun experiencing the symptoms of menopause, I have been frustrated with the drastic drop-off in my energy as well as persistent insomnia.

“You helped me so much and I learned so much about working with the cycles of Mother Nature!”