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Our Team

Meagan Visnaskas


Since a young girl, Meg has had a love for delicious-whole food, the outdoors, self care, movement and touch. Meg spent her undergraduate years at University of New Hampshire studying Philosophy and EcoGastronomy. She took courses such as Nutrition, The Meaning of Life, Moral Philosophy, Plant Biology, and Sustainable and Organic Food Production. Soon after graduating in 2012, she began to learn that organic and sustainable food was only part of the equation to feeling her whole, brilliant & dazzling self. The other half was self care, setting intentions, enjoying the pauses, and the power of touch. It was through receiving a massage, energy work and practicing yoga where Meg experienced the magic of stillness, healing and deep bliss.

Education and Training

In 2011, Meg began her reiki training with Karen Cerato, Reiki Master Teacher. From there, Meg’s passion for a whole body holistic approach grew and her self-reiki practice evolved. Meg attended Nashua Community College and in 2015 graduated with an Associates degree in Holistic Massage Therapy. Meg has been trained in Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Esalen/Somatic Massage, Swedish Massage, Cupping, Thai Stretching, Pin & Stretch, and Lymphatic Drainage Massage. In 2017, she became a 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and in 2018 she received her certification as a Reiki Master Teacher. In 2019, she began her journey with Craniosacral Therapy with the Craniosacral Therapy Alliance in Rochester, NH. She has completed Craniosacral Basic Elements Levels 1-3 and an additional training in Lymphatic System and Craniosacral Integration. She is currently a student at the Kripalu School of Ayurveda and plans to be a board certified Ayurvedic Health Counselor in May 2024. Meg has found a deep passion for studying and sharing Ayurveda. She is looking forward to being able to offer the gift of Ayurveda/Ayurvedic bodywork to her clients. Reach out to Meg directly to schedule an Initial Ayurvedic Consultation.


Meg’s deep belief is that we are all unique, wonderful and intricate individual bodies of energy. Her diverse background and training has led her to view each client as a being, interwoven with threads of their own physical, mental, behavioral and emotional histories and experiences. In addition, Meg’s deep sense of intuition combined with her holistic approach enable her to guide her clients in self-care practices beyond their massage therapy session. Her goal is to help the client balance their central nervous system and feel at ease and create a space for healing. She has written multiple blogs regarding her bodywork style. She believes deeply in staying present, listening to the client’s body and remaining curious.

Fun Facts: In Meg’s free time she loves to read (anything from non-fiction, to romance, to suspense, to historical fiction), visit book shops & local coffee shops, play basketball, cook, attend live music, watch stand up comedy, gather with friends and wildly exceed at being a Godmother & Auntie! Follow her business adventure on Instagram here.

Her Motto: “I’d rather be laughing!” and “You only come this way once!”

Offering 60/75/90-minute sessions *Price increase happening July 1st, 2024*

60 minutes: $100

75 minutes: $115

90 minutes: $130

To schedule a session with Meg, please email