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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy


Massage therapy is an ancient healing modality that incorporates different techniques, including but not limited to; kneading, long and short strokes with various pressure, vibration, cross fiber or friction, compression, and range of motion. Massage therapists may apply these techniques using one or a combination of; hands, thumbs, forearms, and elbows. Soft tissue massage works to reduce stress, tension, fatigue, chronic pain and injury to muscles and connective tissue or fascia. 

SWEDISH MASSAGE is a full body, relaxing technique using longer, slower strokes with oils to reduce stress and increase overall circulation and lymphatic flow, boosting the immune system. It may help lower blood pressure, reduce tension headaches, improve sleep, reduce mental stress, and relieve some symptoms from Lyme disease. Overwhelming amounts of stress perception can cause a pain and inflammation response, negatively affecting one's well-being. Regular massage sessions can improve overall well-being. Draping with this technique due to full body and oil application. 

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE applies aspects of Swedish technique in addition to shorter, deeper pressure strokes and friction to relieve chronic tension, pain and inflammation response, muscle knots or spasms, fatigued, and overused muscles. Deep-tissue can be applied either as a full body or to specific areas of the body such as; a tight and painful neck, shoulder, or sore hamstrings from exercise. Creams and lotion may be used for areas of deeper focus applied with thumbs and elbows. This technique may not be as relaxing due to working with tight, sore muscles and deeper fascial layers. Draping required for full body or loose clothing and shorts for specific areas only.

MYOFASCIAL RELEASE MASSAGE works with the fascia of the body which wraps around muscles, nerves, organs, bones, and supports the musculoskeletal system. Areas of tight fascia can reduce range of motion, cause pain and an inflammation response. Gentle pressure and long stretching strokes, without cream or oil, and body positioning, can help to soften the fascia around musculoskeletal structure relieving pain and rebalancing tissue. Loose clothing can be worn or draping. 

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY (NMT) is an advanced, certified modality. It uses trigger point therapy to specific muscles to relieve patterns of posture dysfunction causing range of motion restriction, chronic pain, inflammation response, and pressure on nerves. NMT is often used for chronic myofascial pain syndrome. It is applied to specific areas to calm the nervous system, reduce pain and inflammation within the primary and secondary areas working within a pain scale of 1-10. Keeping the pain response low is important to conserve energy within the body for healing. Pain and muscle knots or spasm cause reduced blood flow and nutrition to those tissues. NMT offers focused education for proper biomechanics, stretching, nutritional components, and overall well-being. NMT differs from deep-tissue in that it works with certain protocols for patterns of dysfunction, uses Muscle Energy Technique (MET), and has different treatment goals and length of treatment times. Deep-tissue can be as needed where NMT can be up to 3 times a week for shorter sessions. Shorts and loose clothing are usually worn. Creams or lotion are used as needed. 

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE is the application of a specific pattern of gentle strokes and range of motion, without oil or lotion, directly on the skin to stimulate the flow of lymph. Lymph is fluid within the lymphatic vessels that carries toxins and waste from tissues to the cardiovascular system. The lymphatic system is pumped through the body with movement. During illness or compromised immune function, the lymph can become stagnate and build up stimulating an inflammation response. It can help with sluggish lymph, edema, immune illness or weakness, and is recommended for Lyme disease. Draping for treatment. 

REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE applies pressure to specific points on the feet, hands, and ears. It is a system based on certain points reflecting to specific areas of the body. By applying gentle pressure to these points on the feet, hands, or ears, it may have a positive and relaxing effect on the corresponding zone in the body while stimulating energy flow and reducing stress. It has similarities to acupressure. Oil, lotion, cream, and essential oils may be applied for comfort and healing. 

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Lisa's deep tissue massages have helped to improve my quality of life. She easily find my trouble spots and works them to release the muscle stress and pain. Her hands are strong when needed (she doesn't overdo it), yet her spirit is kind and gentle. I leave her massage room feeling inner peace and renewal. She really understands my unique needs and takes a holistic approach in facing my treatment. Lisa is very educated about the mind and the body connection and I learn from her every time I visit. I highly recommend Lisa for your message therapy needs. 

Kathy M. Photographer, Nashua, NH

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone for a massage. Lisa has a calm, concerned, gentle manner, however when it comes to working out the kinks, she is quite strong. Lisa has magic fingers that know exactly the points I need help loosening up. She is caring and wants me to be at my optimal health. My lock jaw has vastly improved, as well as my stiff neck and upper back. Lisa always has recommendations and tips to help me in other alternative treatments as well.

Sincerely, Lori R

Lisa has been my massage therapist for about seven years now. Lisa's formal skills, genuine interest and empathy while supporting my healthcare is absolutely the best I have ever experienced! She is a very special, spiritual person with gifts to share. The world could use more people like Lisa. After one visit with her, I'm sure you will agree.

Stephen, NH
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