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Massage Therapy



Massage Therapy

If you are looking for a therapeutic approach that reflects caring and professionalism, experience and an intuitive approach, please call to set up your initial consultation and appointment.
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“I recently had a 90 minute massage with Meagan and it was one of the best massages of my life. She makes you feel comfortable, from the heated table to her professional manner. I found her to be very knowledgeable about her craft and the human body. I came away completely renewed. I went in with a little tendonitis and the massage helped it a lot! Her rates were very reasonable and I highly recommend her service.”

Susan F., 11/2019

“Meagan’s touch is wonderful! Firm and direct when needed, always skillful and respectful, gentle and intuitive throughout. It’s easy to let go of thinking and doing under her hands and to melt into Zen-Land, resurfacing anew 90 minutes later, wishing time hadn’t flown by. Meagan’s Yoga training blends into and informs her bodywork, her massage skills cover a wide range of techniques, and her sensitivity is honed by her interest in craniosacral learning. Her welcoming and caring energy puts me at ease - all in all a wonderful bodywork experience!”

Hede., 5/20

“I can’t thank Meagan enough for how she has given me such a new lease on my life! I’d been to the chiropractor for many years with some relief, but after three of four sessions with Meagan, I am finally pain free through my lower back, neck and shoulders where nothing else really helped. She has an innate ability to zero in on where my body needs healing and attention; I feel so amazing after a massage with her that I’m (honestly!) nearly in tears with joy and a sense of well being. Reiki with her is divine. I always look forward to my next visit with her.”

with immense gratitude, Annie M., 11/2019

“I went to Meagan for Reiki and a massage for some relaxation and stress relief. Her amazing touch and therapeutic technique put me into a state of bliss! She is a true expert in her field. I highly recommend you take the time to schedule a session, you will receive an experience that will bring you into a wonderful state of deep calm and balance.”

Jackie R., 11/2019

"Meagan’s positive energy can be felt when you first meet her. It was easy to feel comfortable around her too, which can be a challenge when meeting a new massage therapist. I leave feeling great every time. She gave me stretches to do which I have incorporated into my daily life! She truly cares about every individual and I'd recommend her to anyone!"

Anonymous., 12/2019

“I was never very fond of massages. I received a gift certificate for one and it sat in a drawer for 4 years until I finally made an appointment because it was about to expire. That is how I met Meagan. Her massage put me in such an amazing state of relaxation and wellbeing that I immediately signed on for a monthly massage pass! Thanks to her, all my body aches started to vanish including terrible migraines. I see her massages as necessary healing and nurturing moments. Since she has left Baltimore, I have yet to find a Licensed Massage Therapist as talented and healing as Meagan.”

Caroline E., 5/2018

“I felt amazing during my massage and after my massage! I slept so good and more importantly I'm feeling more grounded and less driven by pain and now an eagerness to bring healing back into my life. I would love to book another appointment with you!"

Sheryl N., 5/2019

“Meagan has an incredibly soothing and holistic approach to her work. It is immediately evident that she is immersed in her practice, and that she takes tremendous pride in her ability to address her client’s needs, and uplift their overall energy and well-being. She demonstrates this with a delicate but very deliberate touch. Soothing and relaxing, but with a sixth sense of when to apply additional pressure, as if she is immediately in tune with your body. The few times I opened my eyes I could see that Meagan had a relaxed energy, but was intensely focused at the same time, just following the intuition of her skills.She made sure to provide extra attention to the areas I had mentioned having some pain, which was great to know that she listened carefully and didn’t simply follow a routine. She also discovered some additional areas of tightness and I really appreciated her sharing some tips on how to work on that at home. Meagan provides an amazing experience and you just can’t help but feel great seeing how passionate she is about what she does- I can’t wait to go back!”

Anonymous., 6/2020

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