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Massage Therapy



Massage Therapy

If you are looking for a therapeutic approach that reflects caring and professionalism, experience and an intuitive approach, please call to set up your initial consultation and appointment.
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Lisa's deep tissue massages have helped to improve my quality of life. She easily find my trouble spots and works them to release the muscle stress and pain. Her hands are strong when needed (she doesn't overdo it), yet her spirit is kind and gentle. I leave her massage room feeling inner peace and renewal. She really understands my unique needs and takes a holistic approach in facing my treatment. Lisa is very educated about the mind and the body connection and I learn from her every time I visit. I highly recommend Lisa for your message therapy needs. 

Kathy M. Photographer, Nashua, NH

Massage therapy has improved my life in so many ways. Six and a half years ago I was experiencing some pain in my right hip to the extent that it hurt every time I took a step. A co-worker recommended I try massage therapy to see if that would help. I took their advice and was lucky enough to get Lisa Carlson as my Massage Therapist. As soon as Lisa saw me lying on the table she said it looked like my right hip was out of alignment and suggested I see a chiropractor. I followed her advice and made an appointment with a chiropractor the next day. He did an x-ray and confirmed exactly what she said, my right hip was out of alignment and that was what was causing my pain. After multiple appointments with him my hip was back in alignment and I was pain free. I was extremely grateful for Lisa’s experience and knowledge in assessing my issue and helping me to determine what the problem was so I could resolve it. Lisa is very thorough and asks a lot of questions to learn as much as she can about what is going on with a person’s body so she can determine the best way to help them. And if there’s something I forgot to mention or am not aware of, she will find it herself as she’s doing the full body massage. I appreciate how she explains things to me about what is happening to my body under my skin that I’m not aware of. She gives examples of different activities that could be causing the tightness that she’s finding. She also provides great advice on different stretches that I can do that will help me not experience as much tightness in the future. I feel that Lisa understands my therapeutic needs and I find her massage therapy very effective. The therapeutic environment at her office is relaxing and nurturing while being professional. I have recommended Lisa to my family, friends, and co-workers through the years and many have gone to her for a massage and were very happy! I will continue to recommend her to everyone I know because I feel that she’s the best! She’s able to get in there and find the problem areas and then loosen them up and get you feeling good again!!! I’ll always be one of Lisa’s clients as long as she is a Licensed Massage Therapist

Gabby, NH

Dear Lisa, Where do I begin to express my appreciation for you, your skill set and your friendship? I will attempt to put some thoughts down... in no particular order. You have been so helpful in helping me set and work toward my wellness goals. Your years of experience really shined forth from our first session onwards. It was so comforting to know I was in good hands. I was really looking for a massage therapist who had in-depth knowledge and understanding that could be applied to my various chronic physical challenges. You met that criteria and so much more. Your gift is your intuitive approach - to your craft and to people! I have never hesitated to refer you to my family and friends. Everyone I have referred has been so happy and thank me repeatedly for putting them in touch with you. Truly, the willingness I have in referring you whenever I can is an expression of the trust I have in you, your expertise, and the care you give your clients. I always appreciate the compassion you display - but most especially during the periods of my rehabilitation after surgery and injuries. You always seem to know what I need before I can even express it. I definitely feel that massage therapy has improved the quality of my life. I deeply appreciate all you have shared with me. You are always willing to explain, explore and express the techniques and learning you have garnered throughout your career. You are a very generous and loving soul!

Your friend, Susan

I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone for a massage. Lisa has a calm, concerned, gentle manner, however when it comes to working out the kinks, she is quite strong. Lisa has magic fingers that know exactly the points I need help loosening up. She is caring and wants me to be at my optimal health. My lock jaw has vastly improved, as well as my stiff neck and upper back. Lisa always has recommendations and tips to help me in other alternative treatments as well.

Sincerely, Lori R

I had massages from Lisa before injuring my right hip area. When I scheduled an appointment with her after the injury she worked out a lot of the stiffness and pain. Lisa listens very carefully and I always feel that she gives her complete attention to what I am saying. She gave me some specific exercises for the injured area that were helpful. I would recommend Lisa whether for a relaxing massage or to treat a stressed area.

Mary, J.

Lisa is very compassionate with her patients, which sets her apart from many others. You can tell she cares and that it’s a team effort to fix the issues. Highly recommended!

Cameron, NH

Several years, I struggled with a sciatic nerve issue where I could not even stand for more than 20 minutes. As a musician, this was not only troublesome, but a serious inconvenience when trying to play keyboards, or saxophone when standing. In 1 half hour, Lisa Carlson cured this and today, I can walk and stand freely with no worries... She recommended chiropractic care, to which I listened and followed through. Today, my health changes are to what Lisa had not only recommended, but because she truly cares, she's helped me re-experience to what healthy truly and really means. Lisa is an incredible artist at what she does, and she is extremely gifted. She is intuitive, as though she can see right through your body and know what it needs. I highly recommend her as I have always referred to her as my massage doctor!

Keith C. Software Engineer, Nashua, NH

Lisa has been my massage therapist for about seven years now. Lisa's formal skills, genuine interest and empathy while supporting my healthcare is absolutely the best I have ever experienced! She is a very special, spiritual person with gifts to share. The world could use more people like Lisa. After one visit with her, I'm sure you will agree.

Stephen, NH

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