Reiki Certification

Reiki Certification

About Reiki Certification

Many people ask, “Can Reiki help me or someone I know?” or “Can I learn Reiki?” The answer is simple…YES!.

Reiki is easy to learn and can be used anytime, anyplace! Reiki assists in reducing stress, anxiety and pain as well as support the body in healing. How does it do this? By helping to restore balance to the body’s energy flow and allowing our innate, natural healing process to occur.

Once Reiki enters into your life, the level of intuition and awareness that blossoms from inside out is a gift like no others. Many people comment on the personal growth and transformation that occurred once they became trained in Reiki.

Level I Certification

In the Reiki I class you will learn and receive:

  • The history, principles and applications of Reiki.
  • The sacred attunement that allows you to channel Reiki to yourself, others and animals.
  • Extensive opportunity to practice on yourself and demonstration of Reiki on others.
  • Reiki I Practitioner Certificate

Tuition / $300.00

Level II Certification

In the Reiki II class you will learn and receive:

  • The three powerful, healing symbols that distinguish you as an Advanced Reiki Practitioner. These symbols enable you to offer healing energy to deep mental and emotional issues for yourself and others, and to send Distant Healing Reiki to people in other places and/or events.
  • Receive the Level II attunement, which allows you to channel greater levels of Reiki energy than as a Level I practitioner. THIS is where you not only grow your technical knowledge of Reiki but you further that path to being Reiki, not just doing Reiki.
  • Have the opportunity to practice and further empower the healing abilities of Reiki
  • Leave with a Reiki II Practitioner Certification
  • NOTE: Prerequisite is Level I certification by a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher and approximately 3 months in-between Level I and Level II training. Certificate of Level I certification may be requested.

Tuition / $300.00

Reiki Master Training Program

The Reiki Master Training Program is divided into 2 segments: Reiki Master class and Reiki Master-Teacher class.

In the Reiki Master Certification class you will receive:

  • An 8-week pre-class module training program comprised of activities and practices to deepen your awareness and connection to Source Energy. We will delve deeper into how we continue to shift from “doing” Reiki to “being” Reiki. We discuss, explore and practice ways into which we fill the gap of Universal Life Energy being something separate from us, to being One with everyone and everything around us. These pre-class modules help to hone your Reiki skills, deepen your practice and further prepare you for class day.
  • The Master Level Attunement to raise your vibration to the highest level and maximize your ability to channel healing Reiki energy.
  • The Reiki Master Symbol and its applications to strengthen your skillset and expand your awareness to the spiritual aspects of Reiki as it relates to and connects with your own spirituality.
  • Ample opportunity to connect, share experiences and ask questions with fellow students and myself, your Reiki Master Teacher.
  • The Reiki Master Certification.
  • NOTE: Prerequisites are Level I and Level II Reiki Certification by a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, and at least one year between Level II training and Reiki Master training. Certificate of Level II certification may be requested.

In the Reiki Master-Teacher Certification class you will learn:

  • How to perform the Level I attunement ceremony for family, friends and formal classes.
  • How to teach a Level I Reiki certification class.
  • How to perform the Level II attunement ceremony.
  • How to teach a Level II Reiki certification class.
  • Special considerations when teaching Reiki to children.

In addition, you will receive:

  • Support and guidance on creating and expanding your Reiki business.
  • Teacher’s manuals for teaching Level I and Level II Reiki classes.
  • Reiki articles and research.
  • The Reiki Master-Teacher Certificate.
  • NOTE: Prerequisite is Reiki Master certification by a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher. Certificate of Reiki Master certification may be requested.

Tuition / Please call for pricing.

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