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Reiki Certification



Reiki Certification

Reiki is easy to learn and can be used anytime, anyplace! Reiki assists in reducing stress, anxiety and pain as well as support the body in healing. Once Reiki enters into your life, the level of intuition and awareness that blossoms from inside out is a gift like no others.
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Reiki has transformed me into an emotionally more secure, confident and happy individual. I have embraced Reiki into my life and it has given me a great deal of spiritual growth. When I first took Reiki I, I was still very much searching for myself and with Reiki I have found more of me, my identity. I still work on myself and my spirituality every day, but Reiki has played a huge role in my emotional and spiritual development and connecting with my environment and those I love.

It was an amazing way to connect with myself, others, and the Universe. I cannot say enough good things about Karen and her teaching methods.

My experience with Self-Reiki has been a great experience for me. Every time I encounter a stressful or uncomfortable situation, I always use Reiki to help me realign and focus myself to get through the situation at hand. I also love using it at night before going to bed to not only perform self-reflection, but also encourage relaxation. I find myself performing Self-Reiki without much thought during the day. Sometimes I do not even have to think about it and it just happens naturally.

You are a beautiful person and a wonderful person to have as my Master. Your classes are filled with caring and thought-out intent. You are a person filled with light and willing and able to bring it to others.

Dearest Karen, It's difficult to express how appreciative I am. You are a beautiful Reiki Master-Teacher and a beautiful living soul through and through. Thank you so much for your guidance and kindness.

All your classes are amazing. I love the way your classes are set up also-breaks between going through the book, sitting on comfy couches, sharing definitions around the room, etc. I also LOVED the meditation session we did. We had practice time for everything that needed practice time and went over definitions. You never hesitate to let anyone ask a question if they are confused.

Such a wonderful, peaceful, spiritual experience. The love and acceptance you have for your students is beautiful. So open, loving, yet informative. I couldn’t imagine this any other way. You do an amazing job. Thank you for showing me this amazing gift. Reiki has changed my life. Thank you.

Your classes are always so wonderful. I have grown so much in my Reiki experience and I have to thank you for that blessing. Thank you so much for being my guide and teacher.

Reiki has been a life-changer! I offer it to myself multiple times a day depending on how I feel. It is the first tool I gravitate towards to self-soothe and cope with life’s stressors. Every night I offer myself Reiki with an intention as I fall asleep. When I wake during the night I use more Reiki. I’m working on starting my day with Reiki too; though it often has me drifting back to sleep and hitting the snooze button.

Reiki has become an important and daily part of my life. Daily Self-Reiki has helped me with my recent diagnosis of Fibromyalgia to the point that I am off all medications and can deal with the pain through Self-Reiki, along with meditation and relaxation. During this period I have had some stressful times which have been helped through my use of Self-Reiki, including help in sleeping at night.

I was expecting something special but this exceeded all expectations. The depth of growth, learning, and exploration was greater than anticipated. Amazing experience that has already changed my life and I expect the lives of those that I will meet.

Reiki has been a blessing I never expected in my life. I happened into it by chance and was completely shocked at how beautiful and life changing it could be. I feel more connected to the universe, I feel as if I am more in touch with who I am as a person, partner. I always believe one should continue to grow and learn every day, and having Reiki in my life has made me feel more motivated to do that. Reiki has caused me to want to learn about other thing, such as using crystals and in depth training on the Chakras. I feel like the luckiest person in the world to have Reiki in my life during my pregnancy and birth of my daughter. I feel like a better mother that I get to five this profound gift to my girl every day. I often feel like a have this beautiful secret in my life and I only hope to share it more as I grow.

Basically Reiki has changed my life! I use it daily on myself as well as on my family. I feel a sense of calm in my life now.

Self-Reiki has been extremely important to me. Having been finishing up my last year of nursing school, moving into a new home, getting engaged and planning a wedding, I have developed some serious anxiety. Being able to utilize Self-Reiki has helped me control my panic attacks and generalized anxiety and I have been able to stay off of anti-anxiety medications, which is very important to me. I use Self-Reiki every night to fall asleep and throughout the day whether I’m driving or at work. My current job is very stressful, and I often find myself very frustrated; I use Reiki to calm myself and release my tension.

Reiki has enhanced and changed my life tremendously. I have always been an anxious person who really struggles with public speaking and getting through the stressful parts of my job as a nurse. Performing Self-Reiki prior to anticipated events and after stressful ones has been great in helping me to relax: it has reached the point where I was able to give a presentation in my graduate studies and did not feel nervous at all. It was the first time I did not shake or appear visually uncomfortable. I also have become much more confident, sociable, and I have been able to create positive interpersonal relationships with my friends, family and colleagues.

Reiki has brought me to greater health and happiness. I walk through the world differently now. I have a greater sense of peace. I think Reiki was able to clear emotional and physical traumas and blocks. I used to walk around with a sense of longing that nothing could permanently fill. It has been filled with love. Reiki has expanded my view of the world and the depth of my interactions with others.

As I reflect on my experience with Self-Reiki I would say it became extremely important to me in August of 2013 when I found out I was expecting. I began to practice Self-Reiki nearly every single day for my baby and myself. I felt as if I was giving my growing child love in a way that no on else could. I fondly remember times when she would move and wiggle inside me when I would begin, I think in contentment. I use Self-Reiki to calm and center myself, treat and cure ailments such as headaches, stress, aches and pains... and one horrific night with a toothache that the pain could only be managed by giving Reiki Energy to myself. To me, Self-Reiki is a time to relax, reflect and be in touch with my inner thoughts and a time to feel a sense of wholeness of mind, spirit and body. It has made a profound impact on my inner peace and life experience.

When I attended Reiki I last April, I was probably at the lowest point in my life. I was burnt out caring for a child with special needs and a feisty tween, still reeling from the loss of my sister and brother in law, my twin nephews as well as my son's friend who lived next door. In addition my husband had a serious back injury that required surgery and he was nearly incapacitated for much of my boy's childhood. I had been a stay at home mom for several years, and - although I had a career at Fidelity before I decided to stay home - now I found that I was only qualified to be a substitute school teacher or bag groceries. I was not in a good place. I have been feeling so much better since I found Reiki. I have come a long way in terms of healing my heart. I am feeling much lighter/ more hopeful/ more blessed /less overwhelmed than I had been in the past. I am still not where I want to be in my life - I would like to find my 'purpose' - but I am optimistic that I'll find my way.

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