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Craniosacral Therapy



Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle form of body work utilizing light touch that addresses the bones of the head, spine and sacrum.
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I have been suffering from depression, insomnia and anxiety for a year now. I started going for craniosacral therapy once a week and found I am sleeping better. I feel craniosacral therapy is also helping me manage my anxiety and depression, allowing me to start to feel like myself again.

My daughter had a concussion 3 months ago and was suffering from headaches and “brain fog”. After 4 craniosacral treatments her headaches subsided and she felt much better. Thank you for helping my daughter get back to what she loves, Cheerleading!

I started going for craniosacral therapy six months ago. I was in a terrible car accident years ago that left me with some memory and emotional problems as well as head pain. Since going for therapy I no longer wake up with head pain and feel I am thinking clearer these days. I also feel as though I have better control over my feelings and emotions. Thank you so much for bringing harmony and balance back into my life!

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