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Individual Counseling



Individual Counseling

Your life hasn’t turned out the way you planned. Anxiety or depression are making you feel stuck…like you don’t recognize yourself anymore.
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I have worked with Julie for over a year and through multiple big life changes.  From the get-go, she genuinely wants to get to know you, learn about your perspective on challenges you are facing and approaches those challenges with you, providing guidance and encouragement to analyze the situation.  Julie provides advice through helping to look at the challenges from a different perspective and helping you to see the possible positive outcomes (even when it is difficult to see any positive light in the challenges being faced).  Julie encourages growth and positive change in her clients and I am so thankful I made the decision to work with her.

Thank you! C.

I was always opposed to talking to a therapist…before I knew how incredibly helpful it was.  Or in my case, a necessity.  I started meeting with Julie when my father was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and I was contemplating divorce.  I had severe anxiety.  Julie helped work through two life changing situations.  By working to recognize how I felt when I was anxious, to take a step back to determine the cause and taking the dreaded steps…”CHANGE”.  Learning to do this before letting it bottle up, cause sleepless nights and multiple other health issues, has allowed me to live a higher quality life.  Julie helped me fill my tool bag with the tools to manage and tackle with the triggers that bring me anxiety.

In Gratitude, S.

My time working with Julie was so beneficial for my mental health. The atmosphere Julie creates is one of inclusivity, non-judgement, warmth and understanding. She taught me valuable lessons and techniques for healing and managing stress, many of which I use on a daily basis. I will be forever grateful to Julie for helping and guiding me through such a difficult and transformational time in my life. Anyone who gets the opportunity to work with her is extremely lucky.

L - 2021

I was going through a difficult time in my life and my primary doctor suggested that I find a therapist. I was hesitant to talk to a stranger about my problems, but then I met Julie. She immediately put me at ease. Julie helped me take a good, hard, honest look at my life. She helped me to identify my issues and then to find "tools" for my "toolbag" - ways to improve my life and start living again. Julie was always compassionate, straightforward and extremely insightful.

M - 2018

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